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Realistic Content Repurposing Ideas

Content repurposing is one of the smartest things any business can do, content repurposing expands the reach of your online marketing efforts, allowing you to gain a new audience segment and increase profits. Content repurposing is the best way to get brand new content by recycling the information contained in older content. It is much easier repurposing content than it is to create brand new content. This ease means that

12 Types of Video Marketing

Just like blogging when you start video marketing it’s important to use lots of different types of videos in your video marketing mix. You want your target audience to be excited about tuning into your videos because they know it well be well made, original, understandable and not always exactly the same. Here are twelve types of videos for video marketing to keep your audience interested and engaged. Expert Interviews

Ten Reasons to Do Webinars

Do you want to be able to attract a whole new audience online, do you want to be able to engage with your audience in a really personal way and bring in new potential leads from all around the world, or even just locally if that is what you want? Webinars have the ability to achieve this and much more, if you haven’t added hosting a Webinar to your marketing

Content Marketing With Google Hangouts

What is a Google+ Hangout? Google+ Hangouts is a unified communications service that allows anyone with a Google email account (Gmail) to initiate and participate in text, voice (you need a microphone to be heard) or video (you need a webcam to be seen) chats, either one-on-one or in a group. Hangouts are built into Google+ and Gmail, and free mobile apps are available for iOS and Android devices. It’s

How to Use Google+ to Develop a Following and an Audience

Google+ is not the place to put advertisements and marketing information. Instead it’s a place to get to know people, let them get to know you, and post the things that are interesting, informative, interactive and inspirational. You want people to see what you have to say, make you part of their circles and come to your Google Hangouts. Use Buttons and Badges There are several badge types and buttons


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