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Nine Tips to Protect Your Website

Every business worth anything has a Website, and protecting your websites security is just as important as protecting a physical store’s security. With a store, thieves only have one or two access points but with a website, it can be multiple points of entry that you should seek to protect. 1. Update Software Regularly No matter what type of software you use for your website, it’s imperative that you keep

Email List Building Tools

When you build a strong email list there are a few tools that you might like to try out to help make the job easier, faster, and meet legal requirements. 1. AWeber – This email list building software has been around quite some time. It works very well for most of what you may need to do, such as segmenting, sending autoresponder emails, sending a timed (drip) series, and more.

Perseverance Pays Off

Did you know that many famous and extremely successful business owners also have a history of failure behind them.  The reason they finally succeeded is because they never gave up trying and had a unshakable belief in themselves. The proof that perseverance pays off is in the following stories of people who are successful. Look them up online and read about them. Henry Ford Colonel Sanders Walt Disney Albert Einstein

Three Ways to Build your Expertize

Building authority or expertize in the eyes of your audience is important for any business owner or person who wants to promote their business, products and services. When your audience views you as an expert in your niche, they are much more likely to trust you and want to hear more about what you’re saying about a variety of topics. Eventually this will almost mean that more of your audience

How to Position Yourself as an Expert

One of the best way to improve your perceived value in the eyes of your customers is to become an expert. Positioning yourself as an expert requires skill, knowledge and perseverance. If you don’t have those things right now, you can develop them as you move forward in your quest to position yourself as an expert. Just don’t worry if you’re not there yet; you can get there. Determine Who

The Key to Continual Business Growth and Expansion

One of the best ways to ensure your businesses long term success is to seek to continually grow and expand it. As they say, “if you’re not green and growing your ripe and rotting,” there are many ways you can experience continuous growth and expansion in your business, let’s look at a few. Start a Joint Venture Partnership There is nothing that will push you more than getting out of

How to Find Your Place in an Entrepreneur World

Many people dream of starting their own business, but deciding to become an entrepreneur is just the start of your journey. You know you want your own business and want control of your own fate, but you’re not sure exactly what it is you should do, sound familiar? By answering the following few questions, you can narrow down your choices and find your place in an entrepreneur world. What are

Ways to Get Yourself Noticed at Work and on the Fast Track to a Promotion

Susan had all the talent, skills, resourcefulness and potential for a promotion. She continued to go unnoticed while many of her colleagues with less contributions were being rewarded handsomely. She needed to find ways she could get noticed at work and onto the fast track to a promotion. First she asked herself these four questions: Am I gradually slipping into more and more obscure roles at work? Have my colleagues

Things to Consider and Do before Publishing

As with most decisions you make in business, when you decide to publish a digital magazine it’s important that you do your due diligence about what’s actually involved, before you spend time and money publishing your first digital magazine. It can take a lot of time, effort and resources to produce a digital magazine, almost as much as it takes a printed paper magazine. It’s therefore important to study what


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