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The Secret to Successful Time Management

As business owners you’re often asked to estimate how long a particular task or project might take. Whether you are working on projects for yourself or for others, it’s important to get this time estimate right. You should aim to overestimate or get the time estimate just right, but you never want to underestimate. If you charge by the hour, clients are always thrilled to read an invoice and discover

Online Strategy: Why Personalization is More Important than Ever

You’ve likely noticed that everything is personalized now. There is personalized search, personalized email marketing messages, personalized website experiences, and even personalized advertisements based on your search history. For some people it can be downright scary. But, for marketers, it’s an amazing thing of beauty, well most of the time. The fact is, that even though consumers are quite savvy when it comes to being sold to, personalization increases sales.


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