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How to Make Your Email Autoresponder Messages More Memorable

The aim of every email marketing professional is to make email marketing messages memorable, which means you need to focus on your audience whilst also aiming to promote your products and services in a way that appeals to them. You want your audience to remember you after they close your email, especially if they have chosen not to click through on your call to actions. Creating memorable emails is as

Eight Email Marketing Design Trends to Watch

Email is constantly changing and evolving and the savvy marketeer would do well to stay on top of email design trends and other factors that can affect how well your email marketing performs. Email design isn’t just limited to what’s in the inbox either, it also includes your call to action, what landing pages you send your customers to, how these are optimized for conversions and much more. Pay close

Online Strategy: Why Personalization is More Important than Ever

You’ve likely noticed that everything is personalized now. There is personalized search, personalized email marketing messages, personalized website experiences, and even personalized advertisements based on your search history. For some people it can be downright scary. But, for marketers, it’s an amazing thing of beauty, well most of the time. The fact is, that even though consumers are quite savvy when it comes to being sold to, personalization increases sales.


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