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Tips to Create Email Newsletters Quickly and Easily

Every business should have some form of newsletter but truth be told they are a constant pain to put together for many business owners. There are however a number of ways to create email newsletters  quickly so that they do not become a huge burden on your time every week or month. Create an Editorial Calendar Decide when you are going to send out your newsletter. Once a week or

8 Deadly Content Marketing Mistakes

Want to make sure your content marketing is profitable? Avoid these 8 common content marketing mistakes…. Assuming – Don’t assume what your audience wants. Do research instead. Inconsistency – Make your content consistent by sticking to an editorial calendar. Selling – Don’t just sell to your customers, help them with valuable content. More is Better – Focus on quality rather than quantity of content. SEO’d to Death – Rather than

Create a Blog Publication Calendar

Blogging is an awesome way to promote your business, to earn money, or to just have somewhere to discuss and share your passion. One of the most important things you can create to keep your blogging on track is to create a blog publication calendar. A blog publication calendar will take into consideration all important upcoming events, product launches, and other issues, helping you work ahead of schedule to keep

12 Step Guide to Creating a Solid Content Marketing Plan

A content marketing plan and you ensure that every piece of content has a reason for existing as it helps ensure your content works towards accomplishing your goals. You want to first of all attract your audience to you and then you want to improve your audiences’ experiences by educating and informing them. Your content should also establish trust with your audience and build your credibility and authority. Properly crafted

Content Creation Madness, What to Do When You Get Stressed

It takes a great deal of time and work to produce a steady stream of high quality content. You can easily get stressed and start to feel burned out. Aside from the usual stress reduction techniques (exercise, meditation, music or whatever else works for you), there are a few ways you can reduce the stress of your content creation. Slow Down If you feel overwhelmed, maybe you’re trying to produce

The Art of Prolific Content Creation, Creating an Editorial Calendar

In order to do content marketing successfully, you need to create a great deal of content. This can seem overwhelming at first, how do you get it all done? Content marketers do it by creating an editorial calendar to follow. An editorial calendar helps you stay on target. Following your calendar, you know when your content needs to be published and you can create and publish it in an organized


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