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Creating a Content Marketing Plan

Content marketing is all about creating content that attracts and engages your audience and gets them to do something they would not necessarily do otherwise. If you think about it everything about online marketing requires content. You need content for you Facebook, LinkedIn and all social media posts, for blog posts, guest blogging, eBooks and a whole lot more. Utilizing many different types of content helps in different places you

Creating Content for Your Blog

Every single business needs to be active within the content marketing arena and that means every business needs a blog, and that blog needs to become the businesses website. When you create a blog one of the first things you’ll need is an abundance of content. You’ll need content for each page of your blog such as the about us page and all of the other typical business website pages.

How To Create a Solid Content Marketing Plan #infographic

If you want to succeed at content marketing you need to develop your own content marketing plan as this will help ensure that every piece of content that you create has a reason for existing whilst also helping you achieve your business goals.. My two favorite content marketing quotes. The purpose of content is to tell a story that attracts and engages your audience, the purpose of marketing is to

12 Step Guide to Creating a Solid Content Marketing Plan

A content marketing plan and you ensure that every piece of content has a reason for existing as it helps ensure your content works towards accomplishing your goals. You want to first of all attract your audience to you and then you want to improve your audiences’ experiences by educating and informing them. Your content should also establish trust with your audience and build your credibility and authority. Properly crafted

Developing a Content Marketing Mindset

When I first got involved in marketing we used to utilize all of your typical push marketing methods however as technology has developed so has marketing and so have people’s expectations. Nowadays if someone wants to find out something, wants to research a purchase or even find a supplier what do they do? They go online, today marketing is really all about online content. It doesn’t matter what type of

Things to Consider When Creating a Content Marketing Plan for Your Blog

Almost everyone that starts a blog, starts one without any thought of developing a content marketing plan for their blog, they are so enthusiastic that they jump right in and simply write article after article until they burn out. Preparing a content marketing plan for your blog will put you way ahead of your competition, because without one you will only ever blog when the inspiration takes hold and you

How to Create Actionable Content With a Content Marketing Plan

Many people fail at content marketing because they jump right in and start to produce content, pushing it out month after month until their enthusiasm wanes because they aren’t seeing any meaningful results. If you want to see meaningful results from content marketing you first have to have a content marketing plan to follow, without one you are simply producing content in the hopes that it achieves the results you

Ingredients of a Solid Marketing Plan

Creating a solid marketing plan can help you push your business forward at a staggering pace, however traditionally takes lots of time, energy and effort to prepare. However I’m over the years I’ve learnt that the simpler and more direct your marketing plan, the more likely you are to implement and follow it. As with most things, if you make it too difficult and convoluted, you’re going to be unlikely


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