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Content Marketing – Typography for your Content

Content marketing is the process of creating great content that attracts and engages your audience, establishing you as an expert within your industry niche. Once you are established as an expert within your audiences’ eyes your content can then help persuade your audience to do something, like purchase from you or subscribe to your newsletter, thus fulfilling the marketing aspect of content marketing. Whilst creating all of this content you

How Large Media Companies Create Content

Have you noticed that newspapers, magazines, and large media companies often produce well researched and unique content on a regular basis? And while content marketers are able to find similar information, it’s a lot more common to use information from other websites because it’s easier. Long before the Internet existed newspapers and magazines learnt how to work completely differently to produce great content. How do that do this? Let’s look

Easy Content Creation, What Is Repurposing Content

You don’t have to create all of your content totally from scratch. Content marketers repurpose content. What this means is taking old content and switching it up somehow to create something original. It’s basically dressing up old content in new clothes. Why Repurpose Content? The main reason we repurpose content is that it saves time. Repurposing is a content creation shortcut. Creating your own content takes a great deal of

How to Create Content that Elicits Emotion

The best online content is that which elicits emotion. It causes readers to feel something. Not only does this create a powerful bond between a content brand and its fan base, it also leads to viral sharing, which is the dream of all content marketers. Keep It Positive Common knowledge tells us that positive content gets more shares. It makes sense if you think about it: The most shared content


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