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Getting Your Positioning Right

An important part of creating an effective advertising strategy is to get your positioning right. Brand positioning is all about how your brand looks in the mind of your customer. By getting your advertising positioning strategy right, you can focus more on your message about specific aspects of your products or services while staying true to your brand. How Is Your Brand Positioned Now? Are you the low-cost leader for

The Motivated Closer

Why are you in business? That may seem to be a slightly personal question, but it’s one every entrepreneur need to ask themselves. Why? Well, the answer to the question reveals quite a lot about the outlook of the person answering. You see, some people might say “Well, I’m in business to provide the highest quality products to my customers.” While that’s a noble sentiment, it’s also just that –

How You Approach a Sale Matters When it comes to Closing a Sale

If you’re in business, one of your main activities is making sales, sales leads to profits and without profits you won’t have to worry about sales too long as your business will go out of business. Sales is that vital to your business success, and if you accept that it is then it’s important to decide on the best ways your business can approach your target audience with offers. Depending

Why Double Headlines Work and How to Write Them.

No matter how good the content you create, your headline is the first thing potential audience members see, In fact, if your headline doesn’t engage them, it’s most likely the only thing they will see. When you create a headline you want it to attract your audiences’ attention, to motivate them to click through to your article and to read the first paragraph. It then becomes the role of each

The Key to Continual Business Growth and Expansion

One of the best ways to ensure your businesses long term success is to seek to continually grow and expand it. As they say, “if you’re not green and growing your ripe and rotting,” there are many ways you can experience continuous growth and expansion in your business, let’s look at a few. Start a Joint Venture Partnership There is nothing that will push you more than getting out of

How to Define Your Content Marketing Theme

The days of businesses having just a website are almost gone, nowadays savvy businesses have a whole host of online marketing collateral, a website, newsletter, sales pages, social media pages and to succeed you need to have a cohesive message or theme. Your content theme will need to explain how your products or services are different from your competitors and how they solve your audience’s problems, all in a single

What Your Unique Selling Proposition Means to You and Your Customers

Creating your unique selling proposition (USP) is one of those grown breaking moments that helps set a business up for long term success. The process of working out what your USP is and writing down your beliefs and values, and aligning them with your business goals and strategy, will help you to create an action plan for success. If you really don’t understand why you do something, and you can’t

Wrapping Up Word Of Mouth Marketing

This series of blog posts about word of mouth marketing (WOM) gave you a lot to think about. You’ve learned that word of mouth marketing can be an impressive and powerful way to build your brand. It can be incorporated into any marketing strategy no mater if you do B2B or B2C selling. You’ve learned that even the most amazing marketing campaign will struggle to make an impact if consumers

How to Stand Out in a Sea of Competitors

As a business owner on the Internet it can sometimes seem like everyone has decided to become your competition, not only that each day more and more competitors seem to appear and grow stronger. The truth however is that competition is good, I know because when I started to sell websites in the nineties, I first had to educate clients as to what the Internet was, now many years later

Do You Really Need a Marketing Plan? 

It’s all too easy to try and run your business without any sort of marketing plan, you might be under the misconception that you can get up each day and do what you want to do and the business will be successful. While that sometimes happens, it’s not likely and one of the main reasons most businesses fail is due to the lack of planning and the lack of follow


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