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How to Deal with Slow Payers

We’re all in business to fulfil a need of our customers and to get paid as a result, therein lies a possible problem, payment. There are a couple of different types of slow payers, there are those that will always pay and are super reliable, such as government departments or large corporations who often pay invoices on a net 60 or 90 day payment arrangement. Then there are the bad

15 Ways to Kick Start Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction should be the number one priority of any business. It can make a huge difference in how your bottom line is. Training your team members in ways to increase your customers’ satisfaction is key in building a good relationship with the customers. Here are the top 15 ways to increase customer satisfaction: Listen to what they have to say. Some will just need to rant, even if they

The Time of the Virtual Assistant has Finally Arrived.

If you’ve been online as long as I have, you’ll likely have heard about virtual assistants (VA) but always thought something like “nice job if you can get it” however over the last twelve months I’ve switched my thinking so much so that I think every single business owner now needs to seriously consider hiring a VA. The time of the virtual assistant has in my opinion finally arrived, so

How to Improve Project Management through Evaluation

I was first introduced to project management over thirty years ago when I worked in the super construction industry, project management is one of those skills that can help you with many every day and long-term tasks and projects. As with most things in life, you can always improve what you are doing and with project management, one sure fire way to improve anything that you do is through evaluation.

Do You Know the Difference between HTTP and HTTPS?

The internet is used by just about everyone these days and by now you’ve probably realized it has a language all of its own. There a few basics that everybody knows but it’s always good to educate yourself to make sure your information is secure, for instance do you know the difference between HTTP and HTTPS? You’ve most likely surfed quite a few websites in your time and noticed that

Why Your Website Needs to Be Mobile Now

Why Your Website Needs to Be Mobile Now Everyone it seems has a mobile phone and mobile devices like Smartphones and Tablets are outselling personal computers by a massive amount. You have only to wonder around your local shopping centre to see this, almost everyone you meet will at some point have a Smartphone in their hand. As mobile technology becomes more efficient and affordable, more and more Smartphones and

Don’t Get Overwhelmed

When working on a big project, it’s easy to look at it and think “there’s just no way I can do that”. But a big project becomes a lot more manageable if you break it down into smaller pieces – you just have to know how to divide it up. Before you dive into breaking up your project and making a plan, you need to figure out exactly what needs

Outsourcing 101

When it comes to starting your own business, you’ll likely eventually need other people to do work for you. Instead of hiring employees, you might consider finding contractors to outsource your work to. This will not only save you money, it has a lot of other benefits as well. When you hire your own employees, you have to pay a lot more than just their salary. Employers have to pay


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