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How Advocates and Influencers Can Help You

Getting advocates and influencers to help you spread the message of your brand is a very powerful way to expand your brand. Advocates can be former customers, and influencers are movers and shakers within your niche and industry. Together, they form a powerful alliance to help propel your brand to new heights. They Can Become the Face of Your Brand Advocates are often customers before they become advocates, which puts

Persuasive Writing Techniques You Should Use

One of the most important skills you can learn when trying to improve your copy-writing is the art of persuasion. Using persuasion with words is a skill that you can learn if you understand how to do it and it will ultimately improve every aspect of your content marketing. Let’s go over some common persuasive writing techniques used by the pros. Ask Rhetorical Questions This is a question that you

Can You Really Make Money Selling on Amazon?

Many people don’t realize that you can actually sell items on Amazon to earn money. You can not only sell new items on Amazon, you can also sell used items on Amazon and make money. You can be a product creator, a private labeller, or you can sell through retail arbitrage. You can ship the items yourself, or you can let Amazon do it for you with their fulfillment by

Words Make Promises: How to Avoid Losing Your Business to a Massive Lawsuit

We all create content, businesses do, website developers do, copywriters do and content marketing professionals do just to name a few, however it’s imperative that you can deliver on all of the promises you make within the content you create. You cannot gain the trust of your audience and hope to turn them into customers without it. It could also spell the end of your business, if you cannot back

What is a White Paper and Should You Use Them?

A white paper is an authoritative report or guide helping readers understand an issue, solve a problem, or make a decision. If you offer a product or service to business owners, white papers are an excellent way to explain your solutions to your audience. They work especially well for complicated issues that require some measure of education for the buyer to understand. The Purpose of a White Paper A white

Lessons from Leaders in Mobile Marketing

The best way to learn anything is from watching what the leaders in the industry do to be successful. You may not have as large a budget as them, or understand as much as them, but you can repeat what they do on your own scale and experience a lot of success. You can learn a lot of lessons from leaders in mobile marketing. TradeMob – This is a group

Key Performance Indicators You Need to Track

As an online marketeer, business owner you understand the importance about attracting visitors to your website this is why so much money has been spent on search engine optimization over the years, right? Well, if your website attracts one thousand visitors per week and this generates shall we say, two inquiries per week. By doubling your conversion rate you would generate four inquires per week from the same number of

How to Grow Your Business with Live Events

As a business owner the whole point of events is to grow your business and this means growing your contact list or email list subscribers. Just like giving away a free eBook or report to increase your email list. But, live events can attract a lot more people, a whole lot faster than promoting a free eBook. If you think about it, live events are often a lot more personal

How to Use Gated Content to Generate Leads

Gated content is content that is only available to readers who agree to provide some information in exchange for reading the content. This could be an email address, cell phone number or other information. To use gated content for lead generation, it’s important that you understand which content is best for using this way and which content is not. Don’t Block Everything To use gated content best, it’s important that

Tips on Selling to Women 

If you’re a married man you’ll understand that women make about eighty percent of all purchasing decisions, it’s therefore important to understand who your market is, as you seek to cater to the women in your target audience especially if you are selling to women. It really doesn’t matter if you sell motorcycles, air conditioners, or digital products, catering to women should be an important aspect of your marketing strategy.


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