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8 Business Growth Strategies That You Can Implement Today

When you are seeking to grow your business, make sure you first understand the various ways that you can grow. You can get more of the market share, you can expand your offerings, and you can form alliances with or acquire other businesses. 1. Market Penetration This strategy involves increasing your product’s market share. This can be done in a number of ways, from improving sales pages and conversions to

What Makes a Strong Password?

Passwords are a necessary evil today, with the advent of hackers and thieves who would want to use your information to steal money or even your identity. Identify theft is on the rise and is a constant problem that everyone has to work hard to combat. Here are some the features of a strong password. Uses Letters, Numbers and Symbols A combination of letters, numbers and symbols is an important

New Apps That Are Making Waves in Businesses

Every single day there is always a new wonderful app being invented for business owners that claims to be the next big thing. But, many end up crashing and burning before you ever even take a look. When it comes to business, though, it’s always a good idea to check out the new apps that are making waves in business so that you are on the forefront of knowledge in

Cost of Paying a Drop Shipping Company versus DIY

Like with most businesses, profit margins vary when it comes to drop shipping. It will depend on the company, their fees, and the products, and can range from 5% with electronics to 100 percent when it comes to accessories. When it comes to drop shipping versus doing it yourself, you may find that you save a lot of money drop shipping when you factor time into the equation. First let’s

Social Media Marketing Tools for 2016

It’s possible to do it yourself or you might want to hire an expert marketing person (like me) to manage your social media marketing in 2016 and beyond, gone are the days when you could play at this and hope for success… nowadays being active within the correct social media platforms can help businesses become much more successful and customer centric. It’s all about engagement and finding out as much

Success Tips; A Business Mindset of Gratitude

In business, when success is finally found, it feels very, very good. Finally, after all of your hard work and dedication to your goal, you’ve arrived. It can often feel as if this success is owed you – after all, weren’t you the one who put in all the hours to attain it? It’s absolutely normal, healthy, and expected to feel a sense of pride when you reach a certain

Who Should Use LinkedIn and Who Shouldn’t

LinkedIn is meant for freelancers, business owners, high-ranking professionals and college students to make connections. It is not meant for sending funny memes, pictures of your cats, or even for use for “off color” businesses. It is a buttoned-up social network that should be treated with respect. Who Should Use LinkedIn Anyone who has a sincere need to connect with others, build relationships with others, and likes to work together

Social Media Customer Service

Social media is a way for businesses to build relationships with their customers, increase brand awareness, market their products and to also provide excellent customer service. Social media is the new word of mouth marketing, in its word of mouth marketing on steroids. When I started networking or word of mouth marketing, it was typically done behind closed doors. Now you can see how your brand gets known via the

Common LinkedIn Profile Mistakes

If you’re in business you should be utilizing LinkedIn, as it’s a very effective way to find and connect with new customers, partners, suppliers and connections. Think of LinkedIn as the largest and most up-to-date database of businesses and business professionals in the world, because that is what it is and LinkedIn gives you free access to. However as with most things, people tend to make mistakes and this leads

How Multitasking Kills Performance

We’re all being pushed to do more and more, productivity is one of the key elements many businesses are looking at improving, with everyone driving themselves mad trying to do more things at one than is humanly possible. You might call this multitasking but the truth is, it’s a myth that multitasking is effective. If anything, multitasking is costing you big time. By some studies, multitasking is showing a decrease


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