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New Apps That Are Making Waves in Businesses

Every single day there is always a new wonderful app being invented for business owners that claims to be the next big thing. But, many end up crashing and burning before you ever even take a look. When it comes to business, though, it’s always a good idea to check out the new apps that are making waves in business so that you are on the forefront of knowledge in

Challenges and Concerns Facing Female Entrepreneurs

In an ideal world becoming an entrepreneur would be the same for men and women, however sadly it’s not an ideal world and any women wanting to become an entrepreneur will have to overcome some perceived challenges. These challenges can be overcome with some perseverance and a little education. Let’s have a look at some of these challenges and possible solutions on how to deal with them… if you have

How Many Website Visitors Will I Need to Generate $100,000?

“I help business owners set realistic online goals and then using website design, conversion rate optimization and content marketing I make it happen.” When asking business owners for goals many of them will automatically mention revenue … for example the website needs to generate $250,000 worth of business … $500,000 or a $1,000,000 plus. Knowing this helps me to understand where you want to be, why you want to be

Why You Must Use Responsive Design

Small business owners want to have a website that gets results for them, attracts prospects, brings in leads and converts visitors. But, like most things with technology, there are always changes taking place. It’s important to keep abreast of these issues even if you’re not a web designer. One such issue is the need for a responsive website design. Here’s why that’s so important. Usability A responsively designed website will

Mobile Marketing Apps for Business

When you have a business, you have to get the word out about your business as often as possible. As they say in the business, “Always be marketing.” The best way to accomplish that is by using mobile apps that keep you going even when you’re not by your desktop computer. You can live your life and still keep marketing your business with these amazing mobile apps. Hootsuite.com This social

Importance of Audience Segmentation

Let’s get serious here about why you need to segment your audience. If you don’t, your content marketing will not be up to par and you’ll miss out on a lot of conversion, waste a lot of time, and spend money you don’t need to spend. To be honest, if you don’t use audience segmentation, you’re making one of the biggest business mistakes possible. It doesn’t matter how small you

Where and When You Hold Your Business Event

After you’ve decided on the “whys” of holding a business event and decided what type of event it will be, you still have to decide on a date and location for the event. The where and when of the event are incredibly important to the success of that event. Many a business event has been torpedoed by either a poor choice in location or a poor choice of date and

Ten Things You Can Outsource Today

As internet access speeds have increased dramatically over recent years so as the ease at which business owners can outsource work become easier and easier as carrying out these jobs remotely is now as easy as doing it in person. What’s really good about outsourcing nowadays is that you can create a lean, adaptive and mean business that expands and contracts as you need it to. This will enable you

Market Your Website Offline

I’ve been running meetup groups for years and I am often amazed that many business owners who build a great website, often forget that one of the ways to market a website has nothing to do with technology. Marketing a website offline is a great way to get the work out about your online presence and what your business has to offer. Using business cards, brochures, t-shirts, pens and other

How To Determine Your Online Marketing Goals

I’m fortunate in that I know an awful lot of business owners and unfortunately these otherwise extremely smart and switched on people seem to lose touch with all reality when it comes to online marketing. They seem to go with whatever they believe is the current trend and of course they believe all the hype about what is and what isn’t working that someone at some networking event told them.


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