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The Key to Email Marketing Success

When you build an email marketing campaign, it’s imperative that you conduct some form of testing to ensure that your campaign works as well as possible. There are many different types of tests that you can conduct to help you improve your email marketing efforts. Plain Text versus Visual Message You have a lot of leeway today in your ability to send beautiful and artistic messages. But should you? In

How to Manage the Creative Process

The best way to manage anything is to create a systems and procedures. When you systemize all the processes that need to be completed to complete a task, you’ll feel yourself up to be even more creative. Some people balk at the idea of systemizing anything creative but the truth is, it will make a huge impact on your work if you do so. Use a Project Management System Nothing

The Key to Joint Venture Success

Joint ventures are a great way to expand awareness, get more leads, and boost sales, I’ve used them for years and I’m always keen to partner up with accountants and business coaches in such ventures. A good joint venture requires that you set up a temporary project with a JV partner who offers complementary skills to yours and who is willing to put into it as much work, time and

Weeding Out the Wrong Customers

One issue with having a lot of complaining customers is that you probably have accidentally targeted the wrong customer in your marketing and advertising. Therefore, you may need to set up a system that actually helps you weed through potential problem customers so that you can focus on the customers you can truly help. This doesn’t mean those customers are bad people, only that they’re not right for your business

How to Be an Effective Female Leader

Even nowadays, it can be difficult for a woman to be an effective leader or in power due to the perceptions of certain small minded individuals, even the woman herself can contribute due to years of systemic misogyny. You’ve heard the things people say: “She’s a bitch”, “she’s up herself”, and other things people say about woman leaders that they never seem to say about men when they’re behaving the

Referencing Your Business in Everyday Conversations

It can be awkward to talk about your business to others in social events and not sound like a walking billboard. But like with most things, practice makes perfect. The more you talk about your business, the more comfortable it will become. Define What You Do and Who You Do It For First things first; you need to know in your own mind what you do and who you do

How to Start Your Day So It Leads to Success

You’ll read many guides about how to start your day so that you reach all your goals. Some will say get up early before everyone else, and others will create a schedule for you that seems overwhelming and difficult. Instead of these tips, this article is going to suggest the best way to start your day so that you’re successful, without telling you when you need to officially start your

Let’s Compare the Top Email Marketing Platforms

If you plan to build a strong business online or offline, you need to use some kind of email marketing platform. But, each type of business has different needs, and each email marketing platform has different pros and cons. Nothing is perfect. However, having an email marketing platform that you like, will use, and understand is priceless anyway. Aweber.com This is a common program that you’ll notice a lot of

Common Spelling and Grammar Errors That Make You Look Unprofessional

Spelling and grammar are important factors that can help show that you’re intelligent. Or if you’re not careful, they can backfire and make you look unprofessional. No one is saying that you have to be perfect. Certainly, in copywriting and in blogging, perfection is neither needed nor wanted. But, there are some spelling and grammar errors that stand out as ones that you should avoid at all costs. Your and


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