As a business owner the whole point of using social media within your marketing is so that your target audience finds you, simply creating a profile and leaving things to chance isn’t enough if your audience is to find you. But, there are some tips that you can use to make it easier for your target audience to find you.

Create a customized URL

On your profile you have an opportunity to create a customized URL that you can use in your signature lines, on your website, and in other places to have a way to link to your profile. But, it’s also a good way to find you. If you create a URL that helps people find you by using a keyword, you’re that much more likely to be found.

Customize your Website Links

On LinkedIn they give you the opportunity to include three website links. Instead of using their format, use the customized format they offer so that you can use keywords to attract people to your profile and be found. Remember, search engine optimization is always an important component to include if you want to be found on LinkedIn and it can’t hurt with Google either.

Create Keyword Rich Headlines

Under your name, beside your picture on is a place for you to create a headline. Some people use sentences, or their current job title, but if you really want to be found, it’s important instead to use keywords that describe what you do instead of a job description or title. Separate the keywords and keyword phrases with the pipe “|” in order to differentiate your skills.

Use Keywords in your Summary

Under your photograph, name and headline is an area that is called the Summary. This area is best when you use a list of bulleted keywords rather than sentences. The keywords are great for the search engines but also great for the human eye which prefers to scan quickly.

Use Keywords in your Experience

In the area where you input your work experience it’s important to use keywords there too. Keywords will describe the expertise that you have and help people find you on LinkedIn.

Turn off Privacy Features

This is key if you want to be found on LinkedIn or any social media for that matter. Check your privacy settings to ensure that all privacy features are turned off so that anyone can locate you on

How to be found on linkedin
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