As a business owner you have most likely heard about Facebook, Linkedin, Google Plus and Twitter. You might already have accounts set-up with one or all of them, you might even have expanded into other social media networks. But have you ever asked yourself which is the best social media platform for business? What results should I expect? And how will I measure such results?

Perhaps you have asked one of the many so called social media experts these very questions, I wouldn’t hold your breath waiting for any sort of meaningful answer as most in my experience seem to either flavour Facebook or LinkedIn. Why because they sell Facebook to people by saying it’s the world’s most popular social network and as a business owner you have to be on it, or with LinkedIn, it’s networking for businesses and if you want business you have to be here. Unsuspecting business owners fall for this all of the time and almost all of the time from people with only slightly better social media profiles than their own.

Twitter is the Best Social Media Platform for Business

In a little over eight months I have successfully taken my own Twitter account from just a few followers to over 50,000 active followers, with one to two thousand followers now being added weekly. Further to prove that this isn’t a fluke, I have successfully take an accountants Twitter account from just a few hundred followers to over three thousand in just a few short weeks and I am confident that I can do this for anybody, no matter what business they are in.

Now simply having followers’ means very little, if it did we would all reply to those offers of one hundred thousand followers for fifty dollars. The only followers worth having are active, real followers, these are the people that will read your tweets. They will retweet and ask you questions and best of all, these are the people that will send you referrals and inquiries, all you have to do is engage them and by yourself.

Let’s show you some statistics (Twitter Analytics) that will demonstrate quite clearly why I love Twitter, if you look at these they will blow your mine away. In the last 20 days, my messages (tweets) have been shown one million, seven hundred thousand times… they have generated three thousand eight hundred visitors (clicks) to my website and just look at how many people have shared my information and like what I have to say.

What is the Best Social Media Platform for Business?

I know you can get statistics from some of the other social media networks however I’ve not found anything that allows me to engage people and generate results, like I can on Twitter, so in my opinion Twitter is the  best social media platform for business.

Six Quick Twitter Tips

Make your Tweets Visual – Tweets with images generate 150 percent more retweets, 89 percent more favourites and 18 percent more clicks than those without according to Buffer. I have Twitter cards enabled on my website which automatically adds a photo to my link tweets.

Ask – If you want people to retweet your tweets it never hurts to ask, i.e. … please retweet … message … this sort of message if not abused will generate much more retweets than normal.

Get to the Point – You only have 140 characters in a tweet, however you should ideally aim for 120 characters or less, as this allows those that retweet to add their own comments.

Mention Others – Tweets that mention other people, using @ or via are much more likely to get click throughs, as people perceive these are referrals.

Tweet Often – I send tweets out every fifteen to thirty minutes, this might seem a lot to many, but in my experience and provided the content you are tweeting about is your own, people love it and cannot get enough of it.

Follow Back – It’s simply good manners to follow those that follow you.

As you can tell, I just love Twitter… and the results I’m generating speak for themselves and tell me best social media platform for business is Twitter. If you’re in business and want to connect, feel free to connect with me on Twitter and if you want some help with your online marketing, do get in touch.

What is the Best Social Media Platform for Business?
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