Social media influence can best be described as how much your online presence influences other people. It is a marketing term commonly used by companies to decide how affective your profile is on common social sites, such as Facebook and Twitter. Companies use this information to gain recognition for their brand and to get a wider acceptance from its’ potential market.

A company called Klout is a common source to refer to when checking influence. They base their studies on amount of “retweets” and “likes” and claim that the more visibility you get the better, but something can also be said for quality. It’s great to have thousands of retweets or likes, but if nothing comes from them, then it would seem to be all a waste. Some experts claim that there are other factors to consider, other than quantity, when deciding on social media influence.

In the best case scenario, you want to create action. Not just shares and retweets of information, but actual engagement. It’s great to have a bunch of people know about you, but if they don’t act then you’ve hit a dead end. The idea is to get people engaged, and interested in what you are offering. First you’ll need to decide what it is you want to accomplish. Is it awareness or sales? Or maybe you are just trying to feel out the market and get some feedback. You will have to decide your influencers based on what you need to accomplish in your marketing. Find people who can talk up your products, or find an endorser.

You can even get discussions going on many different social media outlets to get feedback ok a topic. The key is to target the marketing to get the best quality results, and the easiest way to do that is to find the most relevant influencers, to get people interested.

Social media influence is a fairly new concept, and the term is still being defined. Some people are convinced that being able to saturate social media with your brand is the best way to get action in this case someone with a large number of followers would be an ideal influencer. Whereas others prefer a more tailored approach, by choosing the most relevant influencers with a targeted audience, they can get their product or message to exactly the people who need to see it. There are so many factors involved, and it is still an evolving tactic, but the one thing that is sure is that if you want to succeed in the online world, you will have to have successful marketing.

What is Social Media Influence?
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