Social media marketing is one of the best ways to get the word out about your products and services. But, sometimes it’s easy to let the accounts go. If you start noticing your effectiveness waning on social media, the best thing you can do is find ways to invigorate your social media marketing by freshening up your social media accounts and marketing tactics.

Audit Your Social Media Accounts

The first thing to do is take note of what’s happening right now with your social media accounts. How often have you been making updates to content? How do your profiles look? How is engagement? Check the data, facts, and figures. Know what’s working, and what isn’t working.

Set Goals and Objectives

Once you know where you stand, you can set your goals and objectives to match what’s working best to attract and engage with your audience. Let go of everything that is not working so that you have room for new tactics.

Improve Profiles

Refresh your profiles by adding new images, landing pages, and whatever else the social network allows. For example, on LinkedIn you can add videos, white papers, articles and more. Try to put at least one type of each allowed upload on each social network. Ensure that all the images and information match your business branding.

Restudy Your Customers

While your ideal audience’s demographics shouldn’t really change, sometimes their values do. Sometimes they move on to new technologies and ideas to solve their problems. It’s important to ensure that you’re fully aware so that you can keep being their choice to solve problems.

Clean Your Accounts

It’s more than likely that there are people following you who have no real interest in your offers. You can tell due to the engagement. At least yearly, go through and delete inactive followers, and delete people that you don’t really wish to follow anymore or engage with because they don’t fit your marketing objectives.

Add More Content Upgrades

Social media today allows for a lot more information to be added to profiles and updates than it did in the past. Remember that your main goal is to get people who engage with and follow you on social media to sign up for one of your email lists, so that you can market to them directly. Content upgrades encourage more sign-ups.

Improve Social Sharing Buttons

On your website, the social media sharing buttons should be easy to find and automatically noticeable. Make sure that you’re using the best technology you can so that the sharing buttons look great. Double check that they work too.

Run a 30-Day Challenge

Once you’ve updated everything, run a 30-day challenge to attract more followers and more members to your social media networks. Posting for 30 days in a row will increase engagement, help you get more followers, and demonstrate your expertise.

Run Social Media Ads

Once you’ve improved everything, you can run some social media ads using one of your content upgrades or another freebie as the calling card. You’ll reinvigorate your following, plus get more email subscriptions.

Try these actions to invigorate your social media marketing efforts. Reorganizing, recommitting, and refocusing your efforts will often bring new connections and better ROI. Consider updating your accounts and information at least quarterly to ensure the best connection with your audience.

Ways to Invigorate Your Social Media Marketing
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