Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social media platforms. If you follow the success people are having with social media, you have no doubt heard some great stories of how great it is for marketing purposes. In fact given that the majority of its users are women, if your business markets to women you definitely need to seriously look at Pinterest.

Sound too good to be true, the truth is that Pinterest is an excellent resource for marketers but as with all social media platforms you have to know how to use it properly if you are ever going to generate results. Here are four examples of businesses that are using Pinterest well, along with a few details of what they are doing right.

Whole Foods Market

Anyone in the food industry is fortunate to have a naturally good fit for Pinterest, it’s one of those industries that has a built-in advantage because everyone is interested in food and it’s visual appeal. But everyone can still learn a lot from their success, rather than focusing on their brand and products, they have worked hard, to create attractive and helpful boards featuring recipes, cooking tips, gardening information and other items that will engage their audience. This allows them to keep their followers engaged while subtly promoting their products.


Esty is an online marketing place for vintage and homemade items, it is also fortunate in that it also naturally has built-in visual appeal. They have maximized this by creating boards with awesome themes, such as fashion, weddings and vacations. But they have gone further and done some rather unique things, such as featuring boards by “guest pinners” and pinning do-it-yourself projects from other websites. Esty is a great example of using the social nature of Pinterest to its advantage.


Oreck on the other hand doesn’t seem to have a natural fit with Pinterest, they are manufacturers of industrial cleaning machinery. Yet they have a surprisingly large number of followers, their secret? They barely show their products, instead they focus on pinning pictures that engage their audience but are only tangentially related to their products. For example, they have a board entitled “Stunning Floors” that shows attractive flooring, and one call “Furry Friends” that features cute pet photographs. Their audience is engaged by seeing something pretty that interests them while only ever being subtly reminded of what Oreck products do.


Sony was a massive brand when I was growing up and I’m pleased to say that they have done a really awesome job of utilizing Pinterest as a marketing tool. They take the time to create attractive pins of their products that almost beg to be shared, but this is only a small part of their strategy. They also regularly repin items related to their brand from the boards of other users, and they use “Pin It” buttons to make it super easy for users to pin items from their website. They are even using innovative ways to encourage it’s fans to share content, such as creating exclusive deals that are only unlocked once a related pin has been repined a certain number of times.

When it comes to utilizing Pinterest for business, the above examples gives you some insight into how Pinterest is paying a part in these businesses success, so instead of trying to close sales all of the time, focus instead on audience engagement because the rest sorts itself out.

Want to Succeed in Marketing on Pinterest? Learn from these Real Life Examples
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