By definition ads are paid, but with the advent of the internet there is an argument for advertising and marketing to be combined in many ways, since you can promote your business without paying one dime for the platform if you do it right. Here’s how to make the most of Pinterest for your visual advertising.

Creating a Targeted Pin Board

Start with creating a targeted pin board with five or six boards that cover one main topic, with five or six categories that fit within that topic. Pay attention to the visual elements of the pin board as a whole, so that when someone is looking at the whole board it looks visually pleasing and draws the eye to the entire story. In addition, make each pin stand alone as a beautiful and engaging visual element.

Using Promoted Pins

Once you’ve created the initial pin board and have some traffic, you can consider using promoted pins to get the word out about something important that has a timetable, such as a webinar or sale. Remember that your promoted pins should be just as visually pleasing as the ones you don’t promote, because once the audience comes to your Pinterest they’ll see all your boards. Make them look great using all the visual advertising techniques you know about, even if you’re not paying to have them seen.

Creating Awesome Images

If you don’t know how to create awesome images, you will need to hire a graphic designer. You can find graphic designers on,, and by polling your contacts as to who they use. You can also try your hand at using some of the cloud-based software like to create awesome visual elements.

Promoting Your Pins Outside of Pinterest

When you create a pin and a pin board, you need to take some time to get the word out about it. The best way to do that is to start your visual elements on your own website, because you want the traffic to come to your website – not go just to Pinterest. Use Pinterest to drive traffic to your website. So, if you create a pin board that points to your website, share it on Facebook, Twitter, and everywhere you can.

Branding Your Pins

One thing that is important is that you brand your pins. The reason is that once you send the pin out there, you have no control over what happens to the images. Be sure to add your branding to the pin via a watermark, or some other method so that people will have no question about who made this image.

Getting Engagement on Pinterest

Outside of making a pin board and pins and sharing them, it’s important to get engagement with your audience on Pinterest. It is more than anything else social media. It’s visual social media, but social media is supposed to be social. If you don’t engage with others and encourage them to engage with your brand, you won’t get very far.

Visual advertising is hotter than it’s ever been before and is a great way to get noticed online. The more you can use visual advertising techniques across all channels that you use online, the more conversions you’re going to make.

Visual Advertising Using Pinterest
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