Wouldn’t it be easier to be successful with social media if you knew which numbers to actually track? It’s hard to know all of the ones you need as each business is somewhat unique, however there are some key performance indicators or KPIs that you can track that will help you know whether you’re being effective or not in your social media marketing efforts.

The Number of People You Reach

How many people you’re reaching on any type of social media platform is going to be different from the number of people who actually click through or engage with your posts. Use the social media’s analytics to check how much reach you actually have for various posts. When you find some posts that are working more than others, share those again to increase your reach. Since Twitter introduce the ability to retweet your own tweets this is one of the major benefits… going back and seeing which tweets generated the best reach and then retweeting them.

The Demographics of Your Followers

Most analytics on social media will tell you who is following you; certainly Google Analytics will, Twitter will also to some extent also, at least as much as they know. Knowing this information can help you understand your audience better, which can also help you create better products and content for them. In fact, the biggest indicator of the types of content you create is simply to create more of the content with the largest reach and largest audience engagement.

The Number of Active Followers You Have

Active followers will comment, like, share, retweet and become essential ambassadors for your brand. These people are important to know and follow yourself so that you can engage with them on a deeper level.

How Many Likes/Shares/Retweets You Get On Average

Knowing how often something is shared on average helps you to know whether you’ve hit it out of the park or are only getting average results.

How Many Subscribers You Have

Knowing how many subscribers you have can help you understand the number of people who have an opportunity to see what you are promoting versus how many really do. This can help you identify places you can improve and build greater interest.

How Many Viewers You Have

On YouTube you’ll have subscribers and then views. If you have 100K subscribers but only 100 views, it’s possible that your current content is not focused enough. Try being more targeted in your content.

How Many Comments You Have

The number of comments you get is important, but the relevance of the comments is more important, especially as people tend to comment less and less these days. You can actually use comments to create new and more relevant content for your audience, especially the questions they might ask or the insights they might share with you.

How Many Mentions You Have

Use Google Analytics to set up an alert to find out if other people are mentioning your business or you by name. You can also do a search on Twitter for mentions of your name. This is important if you’re trying to be known as an expert in a particular niche.

How Much Traffic Social Is Sending You

One of the most important things is to find out if social is actually sending any relevant traffic to your website and then resulting in sales. Knowing how well what you’re doing is working is a good way to motivate you to do more of what works.

The key isn’t to simply track these KPIs, though. You need to understand the numbers in relationship to your other numbers and be able to compare them to industry averages, so that you know where you stand in relation to others. Do you monitor your competitors? I know I do.

Top Nine Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to Track on Social Media
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