I’m based in Perth, Australia and I speak to lots of people in business and I am always amazed when I mention Twitter as I often hear back that they don’t understand Twitter and that it just isn’t for them as it not really relevant anymore. The fact however is that I have and continue to experience great success with Twitter, my following grows week on week and I generate in excess of four thousand website visitors per month and because I spend the time, monitoring Twitter I engage and interact with people constantly on Twitter. That’s the problem, people think that can automate Twitter and just leave it running, the fact is that as with any social media platform it’s all about engagement and people who use Twitter and engage with people generally enjoy great success.

To Tweet or Not to Tweet

Why Twitter Is Still Relevant and Useful

Twitter is still a formidable social media outlet that small businesses should continue to use for the near and far future. There are many reasons for that, such as:

  • Twitter is still informative – Compared to other social media platforms, it’s still easier to find information about groups, causes, and businesses via Twitter search. Hashtags make it easy to compile the information, and important people are still having important conversations on Twitter.
  • You can engage with anyone – Due to the way Twitter works, you can potentially connect with anyone whether you follow them or not, and vice versa. Due to the ease of sharing and the ease of tagging people, before you know it you could be in a conversation with someone famous or at least famous in your group.
  • It’s very responsive – Using Twitter on mobile devices is still easier than using other social media on mobile devices. There is still a lot you can’t do with mobile on Facebook that you can do with Twitter.
  • Search is easier – It’s so easy to filter out the things you don’t want to see. You can look at only tweets for a particular topic which makes finding trends fast and easy. You can easily study your audience and potential audience on Twitter.
  • Easier to grow your Network – There is an unwritten rule in that if you follow someone they will follow you back, using this general principle you can grow your network of followers as large as you want.
  • Twitter Analytic – I just love Twitter analytic (stats) these tell me which of my tweets are working and driving traffic and which aren’t.

Due to these factors, it’s important for small businesses to realize that Twitter is still a useful tool for engagement, research, and promotion. You just have to do it the right way, if you are having issues with getting results from Twitter, you’re simply doing it wrong and chances are you’re trying to make something work without putting the work in.

Don’t Pass Up Everyday Opportunities

Tweet about what you’re doing right now, and ask your employees and your contractors to do this as well. Make it relevant to your audience. For instance, if you’re working on a new eBook, say so. “5000 words down on my new eBook!” is a great example of a tweet that will get attention of your audience, and likely some “congratulations tweets” too. What fabulous interaction, from just a simple update that you can capitalize on time and time again.

Your Twitter followers not only care about your day and what you’re doing, enough to read your tweets and correspond about them, they’ll also be happy if you share anything profound from other tweets of people who you follow. Sharing, commenting, and engaging are all important aspects of being on Twitter. Without those three things you won’t be successful. So, ditch the automation, and use Twitter for all it’s worth, because it is still very relevant in social media marketing today, in fact I believe every single business should be active on Twitter.

To Tweet or Not to Tweet
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