Google Plus Is The Most Important Social Media for Business

If I was to ask you to name the number one Internet Company, chances are you would say Google, because Google owns the largest share of the search engine traffic. This means that as a website owner, it’s extremely important to pay attention to whatever Google is doing, including Google Plus (+). Google Plus seems to want to be Facebook, Twitter and Skype all rolled into one. And it’s succeeding. The reason you need to be involved, read that again the reason you need a Google Plus account is that Google Search is going to rank your website higher than they would someone else’s who uses anther companies social media tools. This means that if you want your website to appear better than your competitors you had better start with a Google Plus account, because if your competitor doesn’t have one your already ahead of the game.

Google Plus Aids Adwords

Linking the two together with social extensions is an important way to ensure that all your plus 1s are linked for search purposes. When your Google+ count shows up in search engines, users are more likely to click through.

Google Authorship

This is a very important way to claim any writing you’ve authored. It also influences click-through rates because the listing shows your picture, along with increasing page rank of such results.

Local Optimization

Search results are now very personal and take into consideration the location of a signed-in user, even if the searcher does not put their location in when searching for something. This is useful for local businesses but all business types can take advantage of local search.

Latest Activity

When you conduct a search for a product, service or brand, notice that on the right hand side of the search results you can see the most recent activity of that brand. This gives searchers a chance to see recent blog posts and other activity at a glance which will increase click-through rates.


Now that YouTube is part of Google, anything you do on YouTube now shows up better in Google search results. Your Google+ profile picture shows up next to your YouTube profile, plus you can auto post YouTube videos to Google+ updates.

Using all the different features of Google Plus offers huge advantages to any online marketer who wants to take the time to learn about the features mentioned above. Google is constantly rolling out even more features which promise to benefit online and offline business owners even more. There are ways to improve page rank and search results using Google Plus that are spelled out in Google’s Webmaster Tools. Your website is linked to Googles Webmaster Tools isn’t it?

Because Google is the top search engine, owning over 65 percent of market share, it’s important not to ignore the importance of the features Google puts out. Using Google Plus and all its features will benefit you much more than using similar features outside of the Google Plus platform.

That doesn’t mean you should stop using other social media, but it does mean that much of your effort should stay with Google. Recognizing the importance of Google+ and all the tools available for your business will ensure that you are using all the features that can enhance your online marketing efforts.

Google Plus Is The Most Important Social Media for Business
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