Using Facebook as a social media marketing channel is an excellent way to create fans for your business, get more website visitors, and ultimately make more sales. But, you know you only have so much time in your day. Thankfully, there is some excellent technology that you can use to boost your Facebook marketing results.

Home Office Pro – Network Marketers can use Home Office Pro to help organize and manage their entire organization including using it to target their warm market on Facebook. This is a powerful software program that makes the most use of technology for the top network marketers in their niches, helping them build their down lines using Facebook and other social media seamlessly.

Auto Facebook Marketer – With Auto Facebook Marketer you can almost put your Facebook marketing on autopilot. Use this software to search specific Facebook profiles and discuss the information you want to find on Facebook. For instance, if you want to find people who are looking for a work from home job, you can find people putting that very thing on their status, you can collect their status information and then automatically invite them or message them just a few a day to avoid spamming, all automatically.

SocialFlow – This is a software program that will help you get noticed with your messages on all your social media, including Facebook. It helps you know when to send out messages so that you reach more people with them. SocialFlow analyzes when to send out your messages such that it’s most relevant and it’s more likely to be share. What’s even better, if a message performs really well, you can then turn it into a Facebook advertisement too.

WizeHive – This is Facebook Contest software that works very simply and easily. It is super user friendly and anyone can figure out how to run effective contests on Facebook within Facebook’s rules and regulations using WizeHive. You can run photo contests, video contests, or even an essay contest using this software. You can use it with Facebook or even on your website instead and accept aid contest entries where it’s legal to do so. It even comes with a white label option so you can brand it completely as your own.

SimplyCast – This is excellent Facebook marketing software that helps you bring together all the third party apps you’re using to market on Facebook. You can also add in automatic posting on a schedule that include links and more. The ability to schedule posts when you want them to go out, like while you’re napping, or jogging, or at the beach, is an essential element in maximizing your Facebook marketing efforts.

The truth is, there is a lot of Facebook marketing technology out there. Choose what you need to use wisely and use it carefully. Ensure that you follow Facebook’s rules and regulations so that you don’t get into trouble for spamming, and ensure that you work hard on making your marketing messages relevant to your audience and you’ll be successful. Remember that first and foremost, Facebook is social media and no matter what technology you choose to use, you need to interact and engage with your audience too.

Technology to Use to Boost Your Facebook Marketing 
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