As the name suggests, LinkedIn is by far the best way to connect with professionals on a social media platform. The platform is extremely effective, whether you’re a professional accountant or marketing extraordinaire, the benefits of networking are numerous and are not restricted to any particular field. That said, to experience these benefits, one must first optimize their profile. Optimization of a profit isn’t difficult to say the least, but it does require being a bit crafty in your approach.

This article will give you the necessary information to optimize your profile based on your profession and expertise. And even if you are a business owner, there is incredible value for you in terms of leads, sales, customer support etc. So, how does one go about optimizing their LinkedIn Profiles?

LinkedIn Profile Optimization

Premium LinkedIn Accounts

It’s a simple fact that paying for a product will get you more benefits as opposed to using its free version. Though LinkedIn is so beautifully constructed that most users wouldn’t worry about purchasing a premium account. However, paying gets the users increased visibility, which significantly improves the networking experience. Those seeking better opportunities will automatically benefit by acquiring increased visibility over their competitors. And if you are looking for leads, a premium account opens a whole new dynamic to the professional networking experience. For example, LinkedIn will email you if it finds new leads for you to work on. What more could one want?

Profile Construction


The first thing a new user does is set up a professional profile picture. The picture is the first thing people see, and a profile without a picture tends to get ignored. If you don’t include a picture, you are essentially giving up trying to instill a sense of trust and engagement, which is extremely important.

While considering a picture, make sure it is professionally suitable, such as a professionally taken headshot with optimum lighting so your facial features are clearly visible. Also make sure you wear your formal attire. Avoid anything you wouldn’t wear to an important meeting.


The headline has a limit of 120 characters. However, most users simply state their designation and the name of their organization such as CEO of ABC Inc., which doesn’t exactly convey a message. So instead of just stating the obvious, you should include information about what you do such as CEO of ABC Inc.: Helping B2B professionals in their digital marketing needs.


The summary section is even more important, it allows you to write a short and direct description about yourself. The important feature of the description is that LinkedIn algorithm uses the summary for keywords. So it’s important that you use this section to fill it with information which the target audience would be seeking. For example, using keywords associated with your professions will help recruiters find you in their searches.


Then comes your professional experience. Most people just add their resume to the experience section. However, LinkedIn now allows its users to improve their profile’s appearance by using images, presentations, videos, etc. Taking advantage of this new feature can only benefit you and improve the profile’s interactivity and engagement.

LinkedIn Profile URL

Even the minutest of details have a significant impact. Get a customized URL for your LinkedIn profile. Not only does it look more presentable, it’s also memorable.

LinkedIn Recommendations

Getting recommendations for your previous positions is important. Try to get up to two unique recommendations for each of your positions. Your references can be anything from about your personal character to the overall experience working with you. Make sure you don’t get too many recommendations, since more isn’t always good. Try to get recommendations from influential individuals in the relevant industry, which will improve your credibility.

LinkedIn Endorsements

Getting endorsements is a good way to exhibit your capabilities. However, with a larger network, we end up getting endorsements from people we don’t know over things we don’t do, which essentially defeats the whole purpose of the activity.

But what we can do is, delete some of the irrelevant endorsements to ensure relevance of our profiles. Furthermore, we can reorganize them, so that the most relevant endorsements end up at the top of the list. To build up the number of your endorsements you must first endorse others who will eventually endorse you back or get your friends and family to endorse those skills that are vital to your profession.

LinkedIn Connections

Connections are literally your network, the more people you connect with, the larger is your network. You will need at least three hundred connections in order to leverage the professional benefits associated with LinkedIn. However, an extremely large network can severely compromise the relevance of your network, which will effectively hamper your networking capabilities. When seeking new connections, opt for individuals in your own industry, and fellow alumni and experts in your industry, your connections shouldn’t be random and should somehow facilitate your professional growth.

Updating LinkedIn

No matter how well you optimize your LinkedIn profile, if the account stays dormant for extended periods of time, it will not benefit you at all. Make sure to regularly update your statuses with industrial information and news. The activity would consume only a few minutes a day and it will help your profile in terms of visibility. The increased visibility will provide others the opportunity to engage with you and so forth.

Extra Initiative

There is a lot more you can do on LinkedIn besides connecting with people and creating a professional network for yourself. Users are recommended to join relevant groups and interact with fellow professionals.

Regularly post publications, it’s important to dissipate information, aside from its general utility it will also help you as people will associate you with someone who provides information. Link any publication which you have written or where you’ve been mentioned, it will help improve your credibility. If you post articles, make sure you do it at the most optimum time. For example, LinkedIn updates from 10 am to 2 pm EST tend to get the most engagement, i.e. likes and shares.

Although there is no one single way to create and optimize a LinkedIn profit. It will pay if you know the basics. Once you have that down, you can simply experiment with the various other facets of LinkedIn. The social media network offers various incredible benefits for users with diverse needs, what it all comes down to is how the platform is being used.

Structuring and Optimizing you LinkedIn Profile for Career Success
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