Mention social media marketing to almost anyone and they automatically think that all it involves is posting a few updates on various social media platforms and perhaps blogging a few times per week. There is obviously a lot more to it, if there wasn’t we’re all have hundreds of thousands of followers on Twitter and we’ve all be fulfilling our social media marketing goals. In order to develop implementable strategies to scale your social media marketing efforts for the long term and for a wide scope, you have to understand the why of everything that you do.

Actually getting traction with social media is not at all easy, it is very possible if you are prepared to work. You just need to know what your goals are, and then use the right content and a few strategies to help you achieve those goals. Social media is supremely important today in any marketing plan, whether or not you have an online business or a bricks and mortar business, after all everyone now seems to use social media, don’t they?

Here’s what to do to make your social media marketing work.

Be Consistent

Understand before you start that you need to stick to whatever schedule and action plan that you decide to do over the long term. And not to just do it as the mood takes you. Only consistent and purposeful action that your audience will come to expect from you, will help you achieve your goals.

Know Your Why

This is not a “woo” question, when it comes to social media marketing, there are three reasons that you do it: to build awareness, to develop credibility or to generate sales. When you share any type of content, anyplace, know what your purpose is.

Understand Your Audience

Even if you have studied your audience when you first started out, you should continue to study them, so that your understanding grows and expands. While demographic data may remain the same, your audience’s morals, values, problems and concerns may change.

Choose the Most Effective Social Media Platforms

Your target audience is most likely not on every single social media platform, and even if they are they’re going to be more active on one specific one over the another. This will require some research on your part as you seek to learn the most effective one for your business and niche. Focus first on the most effective network, then the top three if you have the time… I’m of the belief that it’s better to be the best on one specific social media platform rather than mediocre on all of them.

Create Valuable Content

The content you create needs to really add value to your audience’s lives. Additionally, it should reside on your website or blog and not on LinkedIn, Facebook or somewhere else.

Consistently Build a Following

Don’t buy fake followers on Fiverr or anywhere else. Instead, take the time to slowly build your own following. Invite people to follow you on your various social media networks from your blog and email interactions. Plus, you can use promoted posts and advertisements on various social media networks. Or better yet, host a webinar and promote that.

Share Just the Right Amount

It’s tempting to start sharing many times a day, filling up your followers’ feeds with your content, but this would be a mistake. Each social media account has different levels that their audience enjoys, so learn about each network’s preferences and stick to that. Share your content, old and new, as well as relevant content from others although the majority should be your own content.

Automate Strategically

It’s important in fact almost imperative to automate some actions, but it’s also important not to automate anything that should you should personally undertake. Think carefully about how you incorporate automation into your social media strategy. Remember: if it’s systematic, automate, and if it’s personal, don’t automate.

Finally, track everything that you do to ensure that it’s working as expected and planned. Remember that social media marketing is a long-term game plan that you need to stick to and be consistent at over a long time. A good social strategy bypasses the problems with search engine algorithm changes and even changes on social networks, because it all starts with your own online real estate: your blog or website and if you push hard enough you’ll generate many more highly targeted visitors from your chosen social media platforms than you ever did from the search engines.

Social Strategies That Work Long Term
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