In my experience an awful lot of digital marketers are using social media in order to extend the reach of their brand and build their lists. However, certain social networks can also be valuable tools for increasing customer retention. There are a number of ways to accomplish this.

Why Is Customer Retention So Important?

Studies have shown that 80% of most business’s revenue comes from just 20% of their customers. Retaining this loyal group can make all the difference. It also costs far more to chase after new customers than to keep the ones you have, so treat them like the valuable people they are to your business and your profits should increase over time.

Boost Customer Loyalty

You can build their loyalty through email marketing, and through them engaging with you on social media. Have buttons prominently displayed on your site that invite them to connect with you. And of course, also include share buttons so they can spread the word about your great content.

Encourage Them to Connect with You

Give them a reason to connect with you, including special content, deals and more. Also consider offering customer service through social media. This can of course backfire if you get a difficult customer. But in general, you need to market where your target audience is, and you can only remain visible and retain your customers if they see you regularly.

Be most active on the social networks your target audience spends the most time on. Facebook is important, of course, but if you sell business to business, you need to be present on LinkedIn regularly. If you are trying to target a younger audience, Snapchat and Instagram might be your best choices.

Create Exclusive Content They Can Only Get on That Platform

This gives them a reason to connect with you and rewards them for following you.

Create Great Surprise Offers

This is another incentive for your customers to connect with you on social media, and stay with you.

Offer Different Connection Options

Facebook and Twitter have both expanded their messaging systems, which offer customers the chance to contact you directly. Set up a first message autoresponder that greets them and be sure to check the system often. Consider sending them to an FAQ page or to your ticketing service, such as if you use Zendesk. Go into Settings in your accounts to set up your automated messages.

Create Polls on Facebook and Other Networks

Customers will remain loyal if they feel you care about them. One of the best ways to do this is ask their opinion and show that you respect their feedback. The Facebook poll tool is attractive and fun to use. You could also create a free survey at SurveyMonkey and send them to the link.

Ask for reviews on your business page. Run contests like “Choose the best cover,” and have a chance to win a prize, a free copy of the item.

Use Social Media Alerts and Listening Tools

Use Google Alerts and Hootsuite to alert you whenever your brand is mentioned. If there is anything negative being said on social media or anything customers are confused about, you can be pro-active so no spark turns into a forest fire.

Engage with Customers in Real Time

It’s easy to stuff your scheduler with content and think you’re “done” with your social media for the day. But try to engage with real people and publish spur-of-the-moment content each day as well.

Harness the Power of Social Influence

Either work with people who are influencers, or become an influencer yourself. Studies have shown that people on social media are much more likely to pay attention to recommendations even from a relative stranger they are connected with online, than to any marketing material that a business issues online.

Use these ideas to show that you value your existing customers, and it will pay off with a higher customer retention and increased profits.

Social Media: A Great Way to Increase Customer Retention
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