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Getting Started with YouTube Live

YouTube Live is the a way to share your content with your target audience on the world’s most popular video-based site. Unfortunately, even many top marketers break out into a cold sweat at the idea of presenting live video. But the truth is that if you know how to film videos and have a YouTube channel set up, you can live stream easily on YouTube. Here’s how to get started.

How to Monetize Your Social Media Following

By now, every business should have some sort of presence on social media. But let’s face it, a social media presence isn’t what any business is really after. They are after a way to market their products and services. So the real secret to success, is in being able to monetize your social media following. After all, you’re in business to make money, not just publish content for free all

Social Media: A Great Way to Increase Customer Retention

In my experience an awful lot of digital marketers are using social media in order to extend the reach of their brand and build their lists. However, certain social networks can also be valuable tools for increasing customer retention. There are a number of ways to accomplish this. Why Is Customer Retention So Important? Studies have shown that 80% of most business’s revenue comes from just 20% of their customers.

Eight Strategies for Creating a Loyal Facebook Live Fan Base

Creating a loyal fanbase on Facebook is a must for anyone marketing online. With more than two billion unique users per month, Facebook is the number one social network for all except the youngest demographic, the 18- to 24-year-olds commonly referred to by marketers as “Generation Z.” But even 49% of Generation Z use Facebook. And more and more consumers of all ages are using video more and more often

Facebook News Feed Advertising versus Boosted Posts

Facebook is the most popular social media site in the world, with more than two billion monthly users. You can get free traffic from the site, or pay-per-click traffic at an affordable rate compared with Google AdWords. Therefore, it is worth taking the time and effort to master all of the marketing opportunities Facebook offers to even small online businesses with a small staff and tiny budget. One of the

Key Pieces of Information to Include on Your Facebook Business Page

Every business should have a presence on Facebook and that means a company page and not a personal one where you can friend people. It can be one of your best opportunities to market your business effectively. However, many business owners do not take the time or trouble to create a full profile. This could mean leaving money on the table. Visitors to your business page want to know who

Which Visuals Get the Most Social Shares?

Most visuals will get shares on social media simply because they are attractive and interesting, and around 70% of the population are visual learners. However, some visuals are more shareable than others. Here are a few to make sure you create regularly. High Quality Images of Your Products and Services Seeing is believing, so good images are a must if you want to grab attention and get your target audience

Eight Tools to Help Increase Engagement on Facebook

There are a number of tools you can use to increase your audience’s engagement on Facebook. Here are some suggestions. 1. Facebook Insights Facebook’s own analytics suite should always be your starting point when it comes to analyzing what is going on at your site. In this way, you can see what is working best and do more of it. Metrics to look out for include: Likes Comments Shares Reach

Different Types of Facebook Advertisements

There are a number of different types of Facebook ads it is worth spending the time to understand, in order to generate the best return on investment (ROI) in terms of what you are spending on Facebook. Use the different ad formats based on your various marketing goals. Here are some of the main ones. Facebook Photo Ads As the name suggests, photo ad have one single image, plus your

How the Latest Changes to Facebook Affect Marketers

Mark Zuckerberg the CEO of Facebook announced in January 2018, some changes to Facebook. They will be changing the algorithm or formula for showing relevant content, this means that posts from friends and family will be prioritized. This has set internet marketers into a tailspin. They’ve all worked so hard to create great content, and even paid money for sponsored posts, etc., to grow their reach and followers… The move


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