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Are Groups Important for Business Growth ?

If you really want to learn more about your audience, find more people to promote your products, and get new ideas for more offers, groups are one of your best investments outside of email marketing. Nurturing groups is inexpensive and can really help you accomplish a lot. Look at these important ways that groups help your business grow and you’ll know it’s the right thing to add to your marketing

Ten Ways to Use Social Media to Market Your Business

Almost everyone it seems has a smart phone, just look around when using public transport, eating in a restaurant or even walking around town and it is pretty easy to verify this. As smart phones have grown more and more popular, so has the growth of social media. Using this simple logic it is therefore essential that your business is using social media to market itself. Social media includes platforms

Which Social Media Platforms Should You Be Using?

Which social media platforms should you be using? is a question I am often asked by business owners, I understand that they wish an answer similar to use this platform and your social media marketing efforts will be successful. But, the answers isn’t as easy as that, nothing ever is… so let’s look at how you can figure out which social media platforms you should be using for your social media

Eight Reason to Hire a Social Media Marketing Manager

If your expertise is not social media management, at some point you may want to consider hiring a social media marketing manager. This person will manage all aspects of your social media marketing and will ensure that your social media strategy is created and carried out consistently. It’s a Good Use of Resources When something isn’t in your money-making wheelhouse, meaning it’s not your expertise, hiring someone who is an

How to Properly Use Social Proof in Marketing

If you think all of this social media talk is over rated, read on…as I like many people utilize social media to determine who’s services and products I will purchase. I’ve personally purchased home improvement services, pet services, scuba diving courses and bought numerous items… all based in some form on the information gained using social media… if you want your business to succeed online, now you not only need

How to Get Social Proof

Social proof is when you get customers or influencers to provide testimonials, reviews, recommendations, and endorsements. You want social proof because it helps calm your visitors and build trust. It makes it easier for the buyer to choose to buy because they see that others have had success with your product and like your product. Build a Social Media Following The first thing you need to do to start getting

Which Content Works Best on Each Social Media Platform?

Each of the top social media platforms has certain preferences when it comes to content. This can make it difficult to cross-post to each platform. However, planning ahead can help you save time and effort as you create exactly the type of content required. The top platforms are in no particular order: Facebook Twitter Google+ Tumblr LinkedIn Pinterest Instagram YouTube Let’s look at each of these in turn. Facebook Facebook

Which Social Media Metrics Do You Need to Track?

When marketing on social media, it is important to track your metrics to determine which posts are doing best. This knowledge ensures that you can either create similar posts or reuse them at a future date as your network continues to grow. The location of the analytics will vary from network to network, but should all reflect the amount of followers and activity on your account and the degree of

How Often Should You Post on Each Social Media Platform?

Social media is an essential part of successful online marketing. Many marketers publish multiple posts per day across the top networks. However, is it possible for there to be too much of a good thing? The answer is that it depends on the network. With all social media accounts, your content is stacked in reverse chronological order, with the most recent at the top and older posts under it. When

Social Media: Engaging Customers at a Personal Level

Social media sites are handy tools for driving free traffic by trying to connect with prospective customers interested in your niche. Unfortunately, a lot of online marketers only try to promote their products on the networks, rather than engage with their customers on a personal level. But customer satisfaction, loyalty and retention are three of the pillars of a successful business. Creating personalized social media content that speaks to the


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