A seriously effective way to build your audience and to make more sales is to start your own groups and forums on social media. There are many platforms you can use, both independent and dependent. For example, you can use a system like Ning.com, MightyNetworks.com, or DelphiForums.com to create your own group or forum. You can use a social media platform like Facebook groups or groups on LinkedIn to make your forum or group, or you can add these to your website.

You can also do both, using the social media platforms to feed your independent and potentially paid groups and forums. It’s up to you. But there are many reasons to start your own groups and forums and these nine are just a beginning.

Get More Attention from Your Audience

When you have your own group or forum, you will be able to create a captive audience that is listening to what you say instead of having to fight for attention with others on the general social media feed. This makes it so much easier to add value to each message you send to your audience too.

Create High Engagement with Your Audience

A fun part about building a group or forum is that you can engage with your audience on a new level. You’re not “in public” so you can get much more personal and more direct with them, and it really starts feeling like a community.

Develop a Thriving Community Surrounding Your Brand

Community is so important for repeat sales, more sales, and a good feeling about buying from your audience. When they feel part of a community, it makes it easier for them to want to buy from you. They see others enjoying their purchases and getting a lot of value, and they want what they have.

Drive More Focus on Your CTAs

When you don’t have to compete with a general social media feed, you’ll get more focus on your calls to action. This is because it’s your audience looking, it’s your group or forum, and no one else is placing advertisements or marketing their products or services without your permission.

Get Awesome Feedback from Your Target Audience

Being part of a community and building that community has other benefits too. For example, your target audience can give you feedback on new concepts before you release them to the public. This is a great way to do it.

Provide Value and Build More Trust

A group or forum will provide a lot of value to your audience if you are providing information to them that you’re not necessarily providing to everyone else, especially early bird information that isn’t out to the public yet. Customers love this aspect of groups and forums they join for brands they love.

Prove Your Authority and Expertise

Another aspect of groups that is really great is that it’s another avenue besides your blog to show your authority and expertise about a topic. You can help people more directly and everyone that is a member sees your efforts.

Drive Traffic to Your Online Real Estate

Just like any other activity, one goal is to get more traffic to your websites, your landing pages, your email lists, and so forth. When you post links to articles you wrote or even repost emails you send to your email lists in your groups or forums, that’s an excellent way to get more traffic to all your online real estate.

Practically Automatic Lead Generator

When you build your groups and forums full of your targeted audience, it’s really almost an automatic lead generator if you remember to keep it active and post all your sales, things you like using, and information to them.

Building a community using forums and groups is a very important way to create many raving fans and brand advocates. It works for helping your affiliates make more sales, it works for showing your expertise, and it works for building your email list. It’s an important social media marketing component to add to your marketing strategy.

Nine Reasons to Start Your Own Groups and Forums
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