If one thing is certain, things change when it comes to social media and the popularity of each network. Kids like to migrate away from the social networks that are largely used by adults, and find their own place. New and upcoming developers like to try to create the “next Facebook” and compete. It may happen that what’s popular today will not be tomorrow. But, the predictions for 2016 are pretty sure that the networks mentioned below will either remain popular or explode in 2016.


For business purposes, LinkedIn will remain a popular and important network to use in 2016. The important aspect of Facebook is to continue using it on a regular basis within groups, but mostly use it to keep your profile up to date and show the things you’ve accomplished and are doing right now. Publish posts on LinkedIn to spread your knowledge and build your reputation as an expert in your niche.


It seems that Facebook really only becomes better as they roll out new functionality. Even Facebook Ads have been a boon to small business owners everywhere. You can use this for personal reasons but if you’re not on there for business, you’re missing out. Start a group, build a community, and your business will grow faster than ever. It’s all about engagement on Facebook.


This is an exciting new platform that will catch your business on fire if you get involved. It’s like Periscope, YouTube and Blog Talk Radio all smashed together with only the best features. You can record a show, invite others to join in, watch, record it, and share it elsewhere.


This platform has been slow growing slowly but it’s going to take off more in 2016, as more business people realize how much you can use it for to get the word out about your knowledge and expertise. Use it to tell your story, keep them short, and promote them.


It may not be turning out to be a Facebook replacement, but it’s going to be a social network that’s useful in its own regard. Right now they’re saying no ads ever, but that doesn’t mean you can’t network with everyone in a way that is useful to your business.


They’re rolling out new features and making this microblogging community even more useful for those who want to network with people for business reasons. You can run ads on Twitter, promote your Blab through Twitter and more, in my opinion everyone should use Twitter.


This image-focused microblogging platform will continue to be a moving force throughout 2016. If you can figure out how to turn your business into pictures, Instagram is the best way to do it.


This network platform is very popular, especially with the young. It is a great way to organize your thoughts and dreams and share them with the world. Figure out a way to create pin boards that tell a story which you can share with the world.

Social media networking platforms are here to stay and will only get better and more interactive as technology improves. Be careful with using too much automation, be yourself, and develop a cohesive brand throughout each network that you implement.

Networking Platforms to Use in 2016
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