Nash Grier is a 15 year old from North Carolina who has made it big on the social network Vine. Vine is a site that allows you to make 6 second videos. Currently he has 4.8 million followers on Vine. This makes him the 23rd most followed person in the world!

He has more followers than celebrities such as Miley Cyrus, Ellen Degeneres and even Justin Bieber.

So how did he accomplish this feat?

By creating lots of interesting Vines. Nash now has approximately 125 of these 6 second looping videos on Vine. In total this amounts to about 12 minutes of actual footage. His videos show him and his friends goofing off.

So why are his video’s so popular?

His videos are a mixture of slapstick comedy, songs, teenage humor and his videos include his 4 year old sister Skylynn and 13 year old brother, Hayes.

The defining moment came when another high school student shared one of Nash’s vines with her 300,000 followers. In just three weeks he had reached 200,000 followers, all thanks to Tiffiny Semashko.

Since then his numbers have steadily increased. Nash gains, on average, about 100,000 followers per week. In addition to his followers on Vine, Nash has 82,000 followers on Twitter and 230,000 followers on Instagram.

Let’s look at some factors which may help contribute to his success;

Many of Nash’s Vines include his cute little sister, so this could play an important factor. One Vine that featured her singing the Black Eyed Peas ‘Boom Boom Pow’ generated 375,000 likes and 300,000 shares.

Other Vines make a visual pun with a youthful appeal to them. One Vine has him cutting off Katy Perry’s Roar video and features him growling at the camera holding a kitten.

Nash seems to have a knack for catching kid moments on his Vine. These Vines are nothing but kids having fun while being themselves. An example of this is where is brother comes down the staircase in their home. Of course he is wearing football padding and sitting inside an empty baby pool. Nash appears in the clip with the words ‘Stair Diving’.

His followers love his blue eyes.

Nash likes to keep a list of his ideas on his iPhone. While ideas may be easy to come across, getting the Vine made and released can take much longer. Just because each Vine is only 6 seconds long, it doesn’t mean that they were quick to make.

Nash includes lots of bathroom humor in his Vines. He also covers Christianity a lot too. The majority of his Vines are G Rated with a few hitting PG 13, none so far have hit the R rating, and he currently doesn’t intend to go that far.

The video with his sister singing only took 3 minutes to put together. For other videos Nash does stunts which can take a few hours to put together. All his actions and moves have to be just right before the Vine is released.

Is Nash making money from this?

This is something which could pay off financially in the future for him. He and his parents have told reporters that they receive daily phones call from businesses, hoping to cash in on his fame.

He enjoys entertaining people and would love to do this type of thing for a living.

In addition Nash has been approached by huge international media firms. Viral Spiral, based in London has approached him. They would love to do some type of web series or offer related merchandise.

Next Career Steps

So now that Nash Grier has achieved this status what plans does he have for the future?

Well apparently he wants to take on YouTube and is currently working on his video editing skills. With YouTube he can post longer videos. With Vine you have to produce a perfect 6 second video as there is no way to edit it.

Has Success Gone to His Head?

Apparently not. Nash is still as polite and soft spoken as he always was. He just has an enthusiasm for creating amusing videos. In fact, after first downloading the Vine app, he took a break from social media. He only went back onto Vine to show his friend something and from there he started playing around with it.

His teacher at school says he never mentions his success at school. He doesn’t have a huge ego at all. He is a stickler for getting things right and will not post a Vine until he thinks it is good enough.

He has two brothers and a sister and enjoys spending time with his family. They regularly attend church together.

But as his mother says he garners a great deal of attention. Groups of girls will come up and ask to be in a photo with him. Even while driving around town people wave at them.

Case Study; Nash Grier Makes it Big with Vine
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