Trying to create the perfect audience is important, because marketing to the wrong audience may get you clicks but it won’t get you customers. Since you are paying for clicks, you want to only pay for the right clicks from your ideal audience. You can accomplish this with Twitter. There are special tools you can use to help you.


You can use a tool that “scrapes” or mines data from your website that you can put into a spreadsheet for use later. You can get plugins for Chrome and for Firefox that allows you to scrape that information.


There are SEO spiders like The Screaming Frog which will collect a lot of data such as errors, redirects, blocked URLs, external links, duplicate pages, page titles, and more. It’s essentially an SEO auditing tool.

Link to The Screaming Frog –

Using these tools, you can create customized audiences that you can use for Twitter. First you need to:

  • Make a list of 500 audience members
  • Determine where they go – copy down the URLs
  • Use the tool to search URLs for links to Twitter handles
  • Use Google to find those URLs
  • Add the Twitter handles to the spreadsheet
  • Upload to Twitter
  • Use the tools Twitter provides to match the audience

Run a targeted ad campaign using Twitter’s Tailored Audiences. Ensure that you’ve created the right message for your audience so that they want what you have to offer them. You can also use the secure pixel method, by installing the secure pixel into your website. When someone visits your website they are automatically tracked and delivered ads on Twitter that match, unless the user has selected not to receive promoted content information.

Being able to highly target your audience using tailored audiences isn’t exactly like lookalike audiences on Facebook, but it is very close and can work in a similar way if you set it up right. It can be tricky, as the user ID or Twitter handles you find have to match active users. This means users who’ve been active in the last 30 days, plus you have to have 500 of them. That can make it really difficult for some marketers to do. But once you have them uploaded, you can ask Twitter to target similar users to the ones you uploaded.

You can find out more information about Twitter ads on their website. It’s easy to set them up and you can run them under any budget. Twitter helps you get your message out to the right audience with all of their targeting possibilities. After you’ve selected an audience, select to target similar users to those in your tailored audiences. This is exactly the same way that lookalike audiences are on Facebook.

Link to Twitter ads –

It’s an amazing way to get more visitors to your website. Take the opportunity to make a special landing page for those new visitors that you will attract with your ads. It will make them feel more welcome and like they’re in the right place.

Lookalike Audiences on Twitter
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