Once you create a LinkedIn account you need to ensure that your profile is completely filled out and that you are seen to be active, which means using LinkedIn at least once a day. This activity is one of the best ways to prevent fraudulent activities and keep anyone from breaking into your account, because you’ll know and be aware of it almost instantly.

Choose Strong Passwords

A password should consist of letters, numbers and symbols when allowed. Do not create passwords that include a word, letters in chronological order, or numbers in ascending or descending order. And never select a password because it is easy to enter or remember. Instead choose your passwords as randomly as possible for all of your social media accounts.

Check Your Security Settings

Currently on LinkedIn if you are on the home page of your account, look in the upper right hand corner where the image you uploaded will show. Point to the picture, and you’ll see other options drop down. One of the choices is privacy settings. Go through the settings to ensure that they are at your level of comfort. By the way, this is also where you can purchase InMail and change other things about your account.

LinkedIn Two Step Verification

LinkedIn allows you to utilize two step verification which means that when you login on a new device an SMS message is sent to your registered phone number. When logging in you enter this security code to gain access, which makes it extremely secure. To turn this on go to privacy and settings, select account and select manage security settings and then turn it on and enter a phone number.

Privacy Controls

Within the security settings you can control quite a bit, such as turning on and off your activity broadcasts, select who can see your activity feed, choose what someone can see when you view their profile, and many other things. Go through each setting to ensure it is where you feel most safe.


Here you can manage your Twitter controls, WeChat settings, name, location and industry and much more. Click on each choice to review what can be done and set each area to a setting that makes you feel the best about how you communicate and connect on LinkedIn. Don’t be so afraid that you block any chance of making new connections, but do make your settings strong enough that you can pick and choose who you agree to connect with.


Under Profile you have privacy controls and settings. In this setting, turn on and off your activity settings; choose who can see your activity feed, turn on and off rankings and more. In this area you can do most of what you need to do to control your security.


Under the same area, click Communications and you’ll see other choices appear that allow you to choose how often you get LinkedIn email notifications and more. If you’re a paid member, you can get a few more controls such as member communications, and emails and notifications.

Groups, Companies and Applications

This is where you control group settings, including what people in groups can see about your profile, turn on and off invitations, group notifications and more. You can also add applications and turn on and off data sharing and add third party applications.


This is the area that enables you to change your profile, including control visibility. You can hide your profile and photo from certain members and even block people. In addition, you can customize the type of updates you see on your own home page, select your language and manage more security settings.

Using LinkedIn to connect with other like-minded business professionals is a great way to build relationships, build your email list, and ultimately get more clients and make more money. But, like most things, it’s important to realize that you need to be mindful of security. If you were at a club, like most connections happened in the old days, someone who knows both parties would handle the introductions, and you’d be a lot safer. So keep in mind that people who you do not know are still strangers.

LinkedIn Account and Profile Security Overview
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