Every business should have a presence on Facebook and that means a company page and not a personal one where you can friend people. It can be one of your best opportunities to market your business effectively. However, many business owners do not take the time or trouble to create a full profile. This could mean leaving money on the table. Visitors to your business page want to know who you are, what you do, and how to get into contact with you if they have to. Here are some essential pieces of information you should include on your Facebook business page.

Contact Information

You should have full address, telephone, and URL on the page so people can contact you easily. Also offer followers the option to contact you via Facebook Messenger.

About Us

Take the time to tell the story of your brand. Think of your mission statement. Why are you in business? How can you help your followers solve their problems and live a better life? Note that you can add a cover image to this section, which will be different from the overall cover image of your page. It might be worth it to use a photo of your business or another compelling image that will offer instant recognition of what you do, or pique their interest.

Products and Services

List your main products and services so potential customers can determine whether or not you might have something they are looking for.

How to Get Customer Support

Let your followers know how easy it is to get in touch with you. In addition to using Messenger, you can state the hours you are online answering email queries. Showing how customer focused you are can help build relationships with your target audience.


Encourage your customers to add positive reviews of your business in the review section, with a few brief details about the reason for their star rating. Prospects are much more likely to do business with a 5-star company.


Milestones are significant events in the life of the business. You can only use the start date of your account as the launch date of your business — it won’t allow you to post an earlier day than that. But otherwise, take the time to note down important dates, such as launch dates of your top products, to help demonstrate that your business is a vibrant one with lots to offer.

Photos and Memes

You should have high-quality images of your main products on the page, plus your logo and any other images that support the impression of your business that you wish to create.

Memes will go in the photo category, and therefore be highly visible. Create a few interesting and memorable memes. Put your URL on them. Great memes are likely to be shared widely, meaning lots of free traffic for you.
The CEO of Facebook has indicated that most of Facebook will be memes and videos by 2020, so now is the time to start riding the trend. Just make sure to include a keyworded description of your meme to make your content searchable.


Similarly, since videos are essential on Facebook these days, and will become more so by 2020, create short, interesting pre-recorded and live videos. Keyword the titles and descriptions, and use keywords as tags as well. Use a custom thumbnail as your start frame to your video, with an easily readable title so people know what they are going to watch. You can choose one video to be the main one seen when people look at your account.

Make sure you include this key information so that you don’t miss out when marketing your business.

Key Pieces of Information to Include on Your Facebook Business Page
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