A social media press release is just a normal press release, but it also includes video, images, social media links and anything that helps your audience and influencers find, share, and publicize what you’re doing. What’s awesome is that according to PR.com, social media-friendly press releases are ten times more effective.

To create a social media-friendly press release, follow these steps.

Use the same criteria as a standard press release but add the new technology that the internet allows, such as multimedia links, tags, and social sharing.

  • Headline – Craft a brief, keyworded headline that gets attention. This is where you should avoid being too creative and misleading. You want to be direct and to the point with your headline. You can also add a more explanatory information in a sub-headline, but most of the time unless it’s really compelling you should leave that off.
  • Summary – Just like your English teacher told you, tell them what you’re going to tell them before you tell them. This should be two paragraphs or less. Ensure that you use keywords and make every single word count here, because some people may not get further unless this is written impeccably.
  • Body – This is where the news of your press release goes, the reason why you’re sending it out. Don’t be too creative with your language; just tell them what is happening. Remember to answer the questions who, what, when where, why and how.
  • Facts – Ensure that you add some bullet points with facts that back up any information that needs it. Make it simple for others to grab the information and state who it came from, so that influencers can use this information easily.
  • About – At this point, you need to put a brief biography of your company or you that also links to your website and social media networks where they can learn more about you. To create a professional bio, you need to point out credentials, experience, and expertise. But, you want it to be short and simple too.
  • Multimedia Links – Ensure that any multimedia links that you choose are useful to anyone who is looking. You can link to your social media, YouTube, various images and more.
  • Tags – This is where you can add keywords, hashtags, or give information about Facebook pages that you want them to see.
  • Contact Information – Don’t forget to include your name, email, and other contact information in case anyone wants to ask for more information. It makes you look more credible if you can also include a telephone number.

The great thing about a social media press releases is that they are easy to share with others. You can link to them on your website and share them on social media, and they’ll come up in Google search.

How to Write a Social Media Friendly Press Release
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