Generating business leads using Twitter is something every small business owner should be doing. With 328 million monthly Twitter users, your audience is there. You just need to find them and ensure that they find you. Post content that your audience likes, follow people who you think will like your content, and ask people to share your content.

Poll Your Followers

A great way to figure out what your audience needs from you is to ask them. You can create a Twitter poll easily. Ask only one or two questions so that you can get better responses. People don’t want to fill out a poll with tons of questions.

Solve a Problem

You should know your audience well enough to understand what their problems are so that you can offer solutions to them. When you can easily solve their problems, you’ll become a fan favorite right away.

Educate Your Followers

Share material that you believe will educate and inform your audience about their issues, so that when you tell them about the solution they’re ready to take it. The educational things you share and create for them will inform them about your ability to solve their problems, which will make them trust your solution more.

Follow the Right People

You should follow anyone who follows you, but you can search for people who might be interested in your topic and follow them first too. Following people that you want to follow you is a way to build your audience faster.

Post Regularly and Repeatedly

On Twitter, you should post often throughout the day, and even night if possible. Not only should you share regularly, but you should also repeat the items that you have created to share more than once, because not everyone will see your tweets the first time.

Get Them to a Landing Page

One awesome thing about Twitter is that you can easily post a link directly to a landing page with a content upgrade in order to get people on your list and give them something useful. For example, you may offer your followers a free checklist or cheat sheet for something that you know will help them.

Get Them on Your Email List

The main job you have with Twitter and any social media (even your own blog) is to get your audience to join your email list. Your email list is where you’re most likely to make sales, after nurturing them with an amazing autoresponder series that solves more of their problems.

Be Mindful about Automation

There is a lot of automation that you can use with Twitter, but it’s important that you use it correctly. You don’t want to appear to be an inanimate bot. You want to be seen to be interactive and engaging with your audience.

Using Twitter to discover and attract new leads is not only effective; it’s also fun. Twitter has evolved from its original 140 characters, to now being more interactive with video, images, and more. You can use Twitter to find leads and build your email list, as well as to engage with your audience in multiple ways.

How to Use Twitter to Discover and Attract New Leads
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