Facebook has over two billion users and is one of the best ways to grow your email marketing list, once you know what you are doing.

Why Facebook?

Facebook is the largest social network in the world, with nearly two billion regular users each month. It is also in the top five sites in the world, along with Google and YouTube.

How to Use Facebook to Grow Your Email ListFacebook Marketing versus Email Marketing

It is great to have a lot of followers on Facebook, but nothing is as effective as email when it comes to building relationships with your target audience and making regular sales. People who don’t visit Facebook every day, or have so many connections that they don’t notice your content in their feed, will rarely buy. With email, on the other hand, you have their contact information and can market to them whenever you wish.

In order to get subscribers on your list, it is important to make the most of the opportunities that Facebook offers.

Create a full-featured Facebook page

Create a detailed profile that tells visitors to your page who you are and why. It should have photos, About Us information, and content of real value to your target audience. Think helpful, not spammy.

Add a subscribe button

Facebook will allow you to add a subscribe button to your profile that will integrate with many of the main email marketing services, such as AWeber. Add a button and it will be displayed prominently at the top right of your page.

Use your cover photo as a call to action

Tell them in your cover image that they can connect with you via email. Include an enticing offer in the image.

Create an enticing offer

Most online businesses offer a newsletter, so you need to go one better if you want to stand out from the crowd. Think of the most pressing problems people in your niche face. Then write a special report or 5-day ecourse that deals with that issue. Create a nice cover image. Create a list at your email marketing service, and an attractive sign-up form. Then create a cover image that includes the image and sign-up form, as well as how to get the item (such as to click the subscribe button).

Run a contest

Facebook fans love contests. Give them an incentive to share their email address by choosing a product, service, or opportunity you can give away that is of real value. It could be a coupon, gift basket, free ebook, free ticket to an upcoming event, and so on.

Give them instructions on how to enter, such as entering their name and email, and perhaps asking them to perform a task in order to help select the winner, such as indicating their main problem in their niche. Selecting the winner can also be random if you wish.

Host a live event

A live event can create a lot of buzz. Get them to sign up for the event in advance. Get their names and email addresses when they register. You can hold a live event on Google Hangouts or at a webinar service, or within Facebook itself using their new live streaming.

Run a Facebook ad

Create a post about your free item to sign up for, and turn it into a Facebook ad. A “boosted post” can help you grow a highly-targeted list for pennies per click.

How to Use Facebook to Grow Your Email List
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