Now I have to be honest and say that although I have a Facebook account, I’ve never really got along with Facebook on a business development level. I do know that it’s pretty awesome for advertising on with some great ways to ensure your advertisements hit your target audience but I’ve had to dig deep and do a little research, pick a few brains (chat to a few people, something I love to do) to come up with this article.

As with all social media, if you want to make it work for your business then you need to ensure you are using Facebook with focus and purpose, which means you need to have an overall strategy which everyone in your organization who posts on Facebook, follows. The first thing to do is to create a profile and a Facebook business page, ensure that you complete your profile and always include links back to your website, also use good quality images that people will learn to recognize when you post information.

Then, simply follow these tips to maximize results from Facebook:

Post Regularly

Don’t post so often that you become a pest or annoy your audience but post regularly for the simple reason that everyone who follows you and has liked your page will not see your posts because Facebook only shows a small percentage of these people your posts. By posting more regularly you will increase the chances that your posts are seen by more of your audience. Your audience might then start to look on your wall, if you have engaged them and give them something to look forward to on a regular basis.

Time Your Posts

I would suggest you try and post three times per day at different times, however you should try to keep the times consistent on a day to day basis. Facebook actually ranks posts using what it calls EdgeRank, and some social media experts believe that by posting at the same time each day this will improve your ranking and increase the number of people that see your post.

Avoid Automating Facebook Tasks

I used to automate a lot of my Facebook activity, I would post a new post to my blog and have it automatically posted to my Facebook account. It didn’t take me all that long to realize that by doing so, almost no one got to see my posts because Facebook doesn’t like automatic posts. My advice to anyone is to always posts manually to Facebook, use a virtual assistant if you must but if you want to reach an audience, manual posting is the way to go.

Be Relevant

Sure cats can be funny, babies are cute, and we’re all interested in what you had for dinner but if this has nothing to do with your target audience don’t post them to your target audience. Yes, I know people may share these cute cat pictures, but if they’re not relevant they won’t attract your target customers. It’s much more important to be relevant than to have lots of shares on posts that are irrelevant. Look at it like this, would you rather attract and engage ten potential customers or one hundred people that are never going to buy from you, and from a business perspective ten potential customers are by far the best… so post relevant information to attract them.

Have a Call to Action

Every post should have a call to action, ask your audience members to do something such as share it, click it, read it, and comment on it. By simply asking your audience to do something you will increase audience participation, it’s amazing how it works.

Spend a Little Cash

If you want to reach your audience it’s imperative to spend a little money to try out some paid Facebook advertising, try sponsored stories and promoted posts first, then venture into Facebook Ads.

Study Metrics

As with everything you do online, check your metrics and see what is working and what isn’t, it’s just a case them of doing more of what is working and less of what isn’t. Facebook has tools that help you see what is working and what is not working.

Educate Yourself

Most people don’t realize that even if you’re friends with someone, and even if you’ve “liked” someone or a business on Facebook it doesn’t necessarily mean you will see what that business or person posts in your newsfeed. The algorithm that Facebook use is called EdgeRank and because of it, many of your audience members will never see what you post, it is estimated that less than ten percent of your audience see what you post.

By increasing audience interaction on Facebook, avoiding too much automation, and including a CTA in all posts while also using some of Facebook’s marketing options you can maximize your marketing results on Facebook.

How to Maximize your Facebook Marketing Results
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