I’m not the biggest fan of Facebook, I know there are many social media experts that swear by it, but I much prefer Twitter… however that doesn’t mean I don’t know my stuff as far as Facebook is concerned, so let’s help build you an active Facebook following.

Here are three of the most effective tricks for building a following on Facebook:

Post Relevant and Informative Content

It is important to post content about your business and products in addition to other relevant and engaging content. Local businesses can engage Facebook fans with news and information about their town or community. Current events are a great example of localized Facebook content that readers want to hear about.

Being informative will keep users returning to your Facebook Page and can also lead to your page being shared by your fans (hint, hint – do this). Whether your business is local or not, posting links to articles and tutorials is an effective way to include informative content and it also helps with your search engine optimization. You can post information from other websites or create your own content and brand it with your business name to build name recognition and increase brand awareness.

Ask Engaging Questions Often

Asking questions is a fantastic way to generate discussions on your Facebook Page, especially if you ask leading question. The answers your fans provide may give you insights into what your customers actually want, worry about and ideas about how to improve your current service or product offerings. There are some very specific types of questions that can lead to increased engagement and participation on your page.

Yes or no questions are very simple and can be quickly answered by Facebook users. Two great yes or no questions to ask users are if they have signed up to your newsletter or visited your website. These types of questions create awareness of the rest of your business, are quick and easy to answer, and are engaging at the same time.

You can also use polls to ask questions about customer preferences and interest. Facebook makes this really easy by visiting https://apps.facebook.com/my-polls/. While products and services are one subject for a poll, you can also have ones about current events or other topics related to your business. You can even have a weekly poll so that users will know to return to your page on a regular basis. As with any methods for increasing your following, the trick is to make it fun and users will come back frequently.

Have Contests

People love winning prizes and contests, especially if there are free products or a discount involved. By asking readers to like the content on your page or tweet your page to enter the contest, you can dramatically increase your following. When one of your readers likes or tweets your page, all their friends will see that. People are much more likely to like pages based on the recommendations of their friends and colleagues. In addition, you will build more brand awareness as your name is seen in more places on Facebook.

Building an active following on Facebook may take some time, but it is an essential part of every business’s social media marketing plan. The key is to be engaging and post content consistently so that your followers have a reason to visit and interact.

Want To Build an Active Facebook Following?
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