Just like Search Engine Optimization one of the best ways to improve your social media campaigns is to study the competition, as well as the actions of your customers on social media. Understanding the psychology behind your target audiences’ actions will go a long way to helping you know how to approach them in the future with content that you want shared. In addition, knowing how what your competition is up to will help you with your audience.

Ask yourself these questions;

  • What are they sharing?
  • Why are they sharing it?

If you think about it, people have been sharing thoughts about services, products and information for many years. Before the Internet there were TV advertisements and magazine and newspaper advertisements. Plus, there were discussions around the water cooler at work, in the lunch room or the pub after work, people have always shared such information.

The difference today is that’s is so easy to share such information is almost instantaneous, we literally just click a button or two and hey presto, it’s shared. Very little actual though has to go in to this type of sharing.

There are numerous reasons people share content online and off. They share it to be helpful, to entertain, to do something fulfilling, to impress people, to look good. People share things simply to market their products, services and ideas to others. They also share big ideas in order to differentiate themselves from others.

As a business owner, if you can focus on sharing to bring value to your target audience via the content you choose or create, then you will do very well. But, the content needs to be something your audience will share for another reason. They don’t care if they promote you; they only care if the idea they’re sharing is important, affects someone else, or themselves in some way.

Research and get to know your audience and your competition.

It’s important to know your audience to understand what will entice them to share your content. Your audience may have a variety of triggers, that make them want to share, and some that make them not want to share. It’s important that you learn about these triggers so that you can leverage them in your online marketing campaigns.

Studying your competition, and their audience, to see what is shared can help you work out what you should be doing with your audience. You can use social media tools to search for terms to follow. Use individual tools for specific social media, like BrandTweet Statistics.

Another useful source of information is your own website if you measure your statistics, on this website for example I know the most popular articles that have been read, I know which articles have been shared the most… and on Twitter I know which article topics have been retweeted the most… and how many visitors each tweet has generated.

Once you’ve conducted your own research, take a look at your findings and create something you believe will be shared again and again. Perhaps through your research you realized your audience likes short, to the point, and humorous content. Can you add a graphic to your content that can also be easily shared on Pinterest, Facebook and other social media networks? People may share images simply because they like them, and people may find your content as a result of the link back to your content.

Find What People Are Sharing on Social Media and Why They Are Sharing It
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