YouTube is an excellent place to build an audience and share information about your business. But, building an audience takes time and patience, as well as consistent, relevant, and useful content. Creating that type of content requires understanding who your target audience is and knowing what yours and their goals are, while also allowing for flexibility due to current news and trends.

Know Your Target Audience

Before you sit down to develop a content plan, you need to really understand who your target audience is. You can’t say “all single women” or “all dads” or “all moms” or “all” anything. You need to narrow down your target market so that you have an audience that is truly responsive to what you share with them. Most people for some reason seem to skip this step or not give it the attention it deserves. If you spend your time developing the best and most accurate audience personas you will reap the rewards with all of your marketing.

Know Your Goals

In addition to knowing your audience, you need to know your goals. What is the point of publishing the content that you are publishing? What is the main reason? This one is tricky, because on one hand, your main reason may be to make money. But you need to look at the reason from the audience’s perspective too. So, you might be doing it to make money, but you’re also doing it to teach, share, engage, and activate your audience on your topic.

Develop a Plan

Once you understand who you’re creating the content for and why, you can focus on creating your plan. Don’t just think about the plan, though. Write it out. It can help to develop the content plan 30 to up to 90 days in advance depending upon your niche. For example, if you’re in the fashion niche, in the spring you likely need to be planning for summer if not the fall so you can be ahead of the curve.

Allow for Flexibility

Even though you have a content plan for the main portion of the content you’re creating for your YouTube channel, it’s good to allow for some flexibility so that your channel feels more current. For example, if your niche topic occasionally comes up in the news, you probably want to create content at the last moment about that news item – in addition to the rest of the content you’ve already planned to create.

Record in Batches

Getting content up on your channel daily is the best, but it can seem really daunting to make a video every day, edit it, and post it. However, you don’t have to do it that way. Instead, record videos in batches. You can put them together for an entire week of content more easily that way.

Keep It Short and Simple

YouTube videos shouldn’t be too long. About 10 minutes is good enough and shorter is even better. Other than live events, it’s better to keep each video focused on one point. This will make it even easier to publish consistently and frequently, since you don’t have to spend that much time on each video.

Work Ahead of Schedule

It’s very important to be ahead of the game. Work on videos and finish them ahead of your scheduled post dates so that if you have a bad day where you just can’t make any videos, you’re ahead of the game and can have a break sometimes. I personally love to be weeks ahead of schedule as this takes all of the pressure off.

Post Frequently

As mentioned, the best schedule for posting on YouTube to build your channel and audience bigger and faster, is to post daily. The time you post is also important because you want people to be ready for your content. Treat it like a TV show; put it out at the same time and day every time so that your audience becomes accustomed to hearing from you.

Creating consistent YouTube content will help build your channel faster, because your audience comes to count on you for the information you’re sharing. They learn that you are an authority on the topic, which helps them to develop trust. When they trust you, they’re more likely to take your advice.

How to Create Consistent YouTube Content
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