No matter what social media platform you use, getting more people to follow you is pretty much the same. On Pinterest it isn’t any different, you should aim to be a contributing part of the community on a regular and ongoing basis, by doing this simply ask people to follow you and then simply follow them back.

Add a Pinterest Tab on Facebook

You should be able to easily add a tab on your Facebook page, in order to encourage people to follow you on Pinterest. When you create the new tab on Facebook, be sure to point it out and announce it to your Facebook following.

Add a Follow Pin on Your Blog

Your blog and website should also have a follow me button for Pinterest. If you use WordPress there are many plugins available to make this a simple and almost automatic thing to do.

Invite Your Friends

When you join Pinterest you get the option to invite your friends to Pinterest, the system utilises your email address book to determine who to invite.

Cross-Promote Your Social Media

Using your email mailing list, Twitter account and other social media accounts, be sure to share your different social media accounts with easy share, like and follow buttons.

Comment on Popular Pinboards

When you comment on pinboards, everyone who sees your comment can follow you on Pinterest. If you comment, just say something intelligent and engaging and never spam by asking people to follow you. Really communicate with others without “selling” to build relationships.

Post Original Content Regularly

Don’t add 100 or more updates all at once; instead create them all and then schedule them to go out periodically. This way you show up with something new often, and the more often you show up with something new, the more chances you have of people following you.

Repin Other People’s Content

When someone has content that you like and that you find useful and engaging, always try to repin it. This activity is going to show up to more people and then you’ll have more of a chance to get new followers.

Use Keywords Wisely

Keywords are important because that’s how people find you when they want to find certain types of pins. Add keywords in descriptions, board names, and anyplace you can to get more viewers.

Getting more followers on Pinterest will help increase the buzz about your business, as well as help bring more traffic to your website and online properties. Plus, you may also gain email subscribers if you organize your pinboards in such a way that makes viewers curious about what else you have to offer. Build your followers, like your boards slowly and steadily, and you’ll get a lot further and be more successful than if you do it too quickly, all it takes is a little effort and time to really push forward and succeed.

Eight Ways to Get More Followers on Pinterest
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