Humans love stories. They love hearing them, and telling them, and being part of them. Stories have literally brought humans to civilization by passing them down from one person to the next – even before we had the ability to write them down.

Stories bind us together as humans and make us different from other animals on this planet. That’s why you want to get good at telling your story and you have a great platform on which to do it too: social media.

1. Be Yourself (Human)

No one wants to connect with a business or brand. They want to connect with people. Therefore, it’s imperative that you find a way to humanize your story. If it helps, try to look at it from your customers’ point of view so that you can tell the story with them in mind. Even if you’re talking about a stapler, you should be able to explain how this stapler came into being from a human perspective.

2. Write Your Story

Before you get started, try writing the entire story of your business and how and why you began. Focus on creating a couple pages for the story so that you can get all the details into it. A trick is to use presentation software to help you get the story from beginning to end and even the future into the story.

3. Break It Down

Once you’ve perfected your story, including created branding for your business and story, you can start breaking it down into smaller chunks. As you break it down, you may remember something important to add to the story – if so, do it as it comes to you. Break everything down into before, beginning, success, now, and the future.

4. Use Compelling Imagery

Add images that bring your products and services to life. It’s better if your images are made by you, but you can find wonderful stock photos to help describe a feeling or thought that you want the audience to have when learning about the story.

5. Keep It Going

Every single day you can add to the story to make it fuller and more human. If a customer writes you a beautiful letter, add that to the story. If you think of a way to make your story stand out better, keep adding. The story never ends, or the business ends.

6. Put Your Story into Many Formats

Once you have the story written down, you can start creating new content about the story in new forms. Create video, images, separate blog posts, memes, infographics and more that all tells your brand story. You want portions of your story to be on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and other social networks as well as your website.

7. Share Your Story

Keep sharing, and make it easy with share buttons and by asking for your audience to also share your story. The more you share it, the more it becomes part of your brand and part of the knowledge the public has about your business.

8. Ask for Your Customers’ Stories

A way to keep the story going is to ask for your customers’ help in sharing your brand story. Ask them how they feel using your products, or if the service you provided to them solved their problems. Get them to share that with their friends and family while you capture it and make it part of your story too.

Telling your story is essential so that you know where you’ve been and where you’re going. Doing it right is smart because it’ll get more attention from your ideal audience, boosting your visibility and business in the process.

Eight Tips for Better Social Media Storytelling
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