Creating a loyal fanbase on Facebook is a must for anyone marketing online. With more than two billion unique users per month, Facebook is the number one social network for all except the youngest demographic, the 18- to 24-year-olds commonly referred to by marketers as “Generation Z.” But even 49% of Generation Z use Facebook. And more and more consumers of all ages are using video more and more often for how-to information and product details.

Why Facebook Live?

Facebook has also recently started pushing video more than ever before, setting themselves up in direct competition with YouTube. Their Facebook Live feature is also designed to go head to head with YouTube Live.

But what if you offer a live video, and no one comes? Well, you can record and save the video so that those who missed it can view it any time they wish. But it is much more exciting to have fans who attend and interact with you. Successful social media is about becoming a two-way street, not just a marketing robot or “talking head” on screen. Let’s look at some of the best ways to build a loyal Facebook Live fanbase.

1. Create Great Content

All your content should be based on the needs of your target audience. Any live videos you plan should be about topics they care about.

2. Offer to Answer Questions

Tell the audience that you will give your presentation first and then answer their questions at the end. This promotes engagement with the content and helps fans feel they “know” you and that you are a genuine person.

3. Schedule Regular Videos

Don’t just try it once and never again. Create an editorial calendar with a weekly video and planned topics. Fans can join live, or view the recording when it is over. If the video does not turn out well, feel free to delete it, or re-record it to improve the quality of the presentation or the technical aspects.

4. Make Your Videos Visually Interesting

Start with a striking image related to your talk. Dress nicely in something cheerful but not heavily patterned. Move around sometimes. Consider using a backdrop such as a whiteboard or easel with a pad with notes on it. Pay attention to lighting.

5. Shoot High Quality Video and Sound

Check the lighting and sound quality. Invest in a good quality wearable microphone. Speak clearly. All your points about the topic you have chosen to speak about should be heard easily. You will probably be nervous, but try not to rush.

6. Be Yourself

On social media, people follow people in their niche whom they like and feel they know, and who are aligned with their interests and values. Introduce yourself briefly and informally. Be yourself and tell the truth about who you are and why you are in business. Hopefully it is because you are passionate about your niche and want to help people.

7. Introduce the Topic

State what you will be speaking about and why it is important. Tell them you will be discussing five main points. Also tell them you will give the information first, and then they can ask questions in the comments section at the end. This will ensure you are not distracted while speaking and won’t miss any important questions coming in. They will also value this interaction and be more likely to attend your future videos.

8. Try Different Formats

Go solo for a few videos, then invite a guest speaker to help you, or interview someone relevant to your niche. This will keep your fans eager to see what you are up to next.

Eight Strategies for Creating a Loyal Facebook Live Fan Base
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