Pinterest is an online pin board, when you open a Pinterest account you’ll be given server boards to help you get started. Each board has a theme, such as “Products I Love” or “Books worth Reading.” But if you are using Pinterest for business, you will need to create boards that are relevant to your business, its message and offerings.

Creating boards is a simple process, on your home screen, just click “Add” and then click “Create a Board.” From there you can name your board, select a category and dictate who can pin to the board.

Here are some tips for using Pinterest boards for business.

  • Give some thought into your board names and don’t select the first name that comes to mind. An interesting name will engage visitors and entice them to look at your board, and board names with targeted keywords will help with search engine optimization. Combine these two elements to come up with the most effective board names for your business.
  • Choose an appropriate category, the categories are pretty straightforward, so this shouldn’t be too difficult, the most important thing is to remember to actually choose one. If you create a new board as you’re making a pin, you are not asked to choose a category, and you may not remember to go back and do it later. Then your board will not show up for users when they browse the site by category, and you could miss out on visitors so always place your boards in categories.
  • Always add a description, because this is also often forgotten or neglected, but it’s a great opportunity to create interest and including a few keywords phrases sure helps with SEO.
  • Rearrange your boards as you need to, you can put your boards in any order you like, so place those that you want to feature first. If you have lots of boards, remember that those that are above the fold will always get more visits than those that visitors must scroll down to see.
  • Choose your board covers wisely, each board has one photo that is featured as its cover. You can change the cover at any time by hovering over the board and clicking “Edit Board Cover.” From there you can choose any photo from the board. I suggest you select one that will make visitors want to see more, it’s also a good idea to change them from time to time so that from the outside they appear fresh.
  • Create boards that will engage people, think about what you can do for Pinterest users, not what they can do for you. Themes that are useful or entertaining will bring in the most visitors. Instead of just creating a glorified sales catalog or advertisement, create boards that feature information or advice that is relevant to your market. Make them smile, laugh, and think and forget trying to close sales, this will happen automatically if you engage your visitors.

It’s impossible to have a great Pinterest presence without actually having great boards. Concentrate on coming up with fun, attractive or helpful themes, and your audience will eagerly await your pins and you’ll pretty soon be a Pinterest rock star.

Creating and Using Pinterest Boards for Business Success
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