Google has updated its search algorithm. Now businesses that receive the highest social approval signals online will be assigned more value on Google. How many “Likes” your business receives on Facebook, how many “+1s” you have on Google+ and the number of times a link to your site has been shared on Twitter shows how useful your site content is and thus Google bots give your site a first priority. Put simply, social media influence involves garnering, nurturing and growing your social media network.

The object of building social media influence is to pass a message and to influence others to take action, to up your site traffic and finally drive sales. Below are simple strategies to build your influence:

Stay Relevant to your Network

Your social media network needs helpful information. As an expert in your niche, you need to provide your followers with solutions to some of the most common issues they face on a day to day basis. This is made possible by upping social media engagement; responding to comments and offering an expert opinion on every question that may be posed by a member of your network. By giving an expert opinion on every issue raised by your followers, you will be building their confidence in your expertise and in so doing, your social media group will be more engaged.

Satisfy the needs of your Followers

Being an influence on social media means that your followers look up to you to provide information and solutions to issues arising in your niche. It is up to you to understand the needs of your followers and select your content wisely. By so doing, you will have piqued the interest of your followers and built a stronger network.

Build Relationships

Building social relationships with leading social influencers in your niche helps enhance your reputation online. When your followers find that you are linking to industry leaders, they will have more interest in being part of your social media community. There are a number of ways to find leading influencers in your niche: you can use online tools, you can search for groups in your niche that have the highest following or you can publish quality content and let the industry leaders follow you.

Use Social Analytics to Devise Strategies

The only surefire way of pinpointing loopholes in your social media strategies is to use Social Analytics. Analytics help you tweak your strategies to get more out of social media. Social analytics help you find leading influencers in your niche and understand the behavior of your followers. This information can be used to devise strategies to win you social media influence.

Building Your Social Media Influence
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