As business owners you most likely understand the value of utilizing social media to market your business. You have most likely created a Facebook page, a LinkedIn profile, my own favourite a Twitter account, all with the hope of expanding your marketing efforts. What you might not realize however that there are many more benefits of using social media than just marketing. With proper use and deployment of social media, any business can do all of the following and probably more.

Social Media Allows You to Find Employees and Contractors

Need to find a new employee fast? Use social media to help. Simply create a detailed job description and post it on your social media accounts. Ask your friends and followers to share it, and they will as it is potentially helping someone they know. It’s also much more likely that the person(s) who answer a call like this, will be more compatible than using say a huge impersonal job type board.

Create more Sales

Many people confuse sales with marketing, thinking they are the same thing but they’re not. Marketing is best described as increasing your reach so that you can generate more leads, sales is the conversion of leads into customers and then into repeat customers, both are intertwined but different. Social media can help to increase sales outside of your marketing efforts just because your clients might share with others what they bought (social proof). And if they like what you are talking about on social media, they might like to buy from you more.

Reward Customers

Provide discounts, pins, stickers, badges, games and more for your customers using social media to “check in” or communicate with you via social media. People love getting free things and they love collecting things, so take advantage of that by using social media to encourage more interaction with your customers and between your customers.

Brand your Business

As a business owner it’s important that you spend the time to brand your business across all of your chosen social media accounts, as honest, relevant, customer focused and even generous. Try to monitor as best you can how your audience, customers and employees view your business via the interactions on your social media channels. Listen to your customers, let me repeat that listen to your customers and be perceived as a business that does. Demonstrate these things as often as possible as a way to brand your business on social media.

Motivate Employees

Recognizing good employees on social media is a great way to encourage employees, if you have an employee of the month program, don’t just post it on the notice in the canteen; paste it all over social media. They’ll share it with their family and friends and it might even be picked up by the local media, encouraging employees to even greater highs.

Speed up Communication

You can set up private closed groups on Facebook that only employees can see, it’s a great way to speed up communication between employees and to build your own company community. Encourage your workers to follow each other and encourage each other and publicly acknowledge them.

Easy Project Collaboration

Another potential use for private Facebook groups is easy project collaboration. In Facebook groups you can upload documents and communicate easily in one spot about various projects, without ever having to have a face to face meeting, but still be able to keep excellent records of the events and ideas as they unfold.

By being actively involved with social media, your business can increase employee happiness and satisfaction as well as consumer perception. Utilize social media to form a connection with your community and your employees. Any business can be an integral part of your community in every way that it can, be it a government department, social, business, or even a charity. Pick and choose to stay aligned with your purpose and target market, but do get involved however do remember it is better to be active and to work well on one or two social media platforms rather than be on them all and work poorly.


Beyond Marketing; Benefits of Social Media
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