Just like any other social media network, you will need to take the time to build the trust of your followers and others on Pinterest. You do that by being consistent, honest, helpful and friendly to others. If you do this, your Pinterest experience will be very positive and profitable.

The main difference between those who make it and those who don’t is trust. People like to buy from people whom they trust, and you can develop trust by your actions on Pinterest.

  1. Update Regularly – Don’t put up 100 pins in one day. Instead time pins so that they update slowly and steadily. Putting up too many in a day can cause people to become frustrated with you. Keeping things updated in a steady manner will look better. You can use a service like ViralTag or Curalate to help.

    Viraltag – https://www.viraltag.com
    Curalate – http://www.curalate.com/

  2. Develop Excellent Categories – Figuring out categories can sometimes be difficult because some things overlap. But the more closed each category can be, the more people will trust you when they click on a category and get what they think they’re going to get.
  3. Link Appropriately – When you pin anything, each pin should link back to your website, which then links to the source of the information if that’s necessary. Remember that the idea is to get people to visit your property, which should reside on your website or blog.
  4. Use the Right Keywords – Keywords are a very important part of titles, descriptions, tags and more. Using the right keywords will help your audience find you. Study keywords so that you can use the right ones.
  5. Fill in Descriptions Accurately – Don’t lie or pump up what’s inside any pinboard or single pin. Be accurate in your descriptions to develop trust among your viewers. The more you deliver what they expect, the more trust that will build.
  6. Build Relationships – Don’t forget to do more on Pinterest than post pins. Be sure to share other people’s pins to your audience when relevant. Comment, share, engage should be your mantra when it comes to building relationships on Pinterest.
  7. Mention Others – In your pin descriptions, you can call out others by name to be sure they see your pin and that they are recognized for inspiring you. You have to be creative with Pinterest to engage with others, so use every method you can come up with.
  8. Use Guest Boards Strategically – Contributing to guest boards can help get the word out about your expertise. In addition, create your own guest boards to invite others to share their pins on. They can even consist of testimonials.

Pinterest is a wonderful solution for visual marketers. And even if your business is not especially visual, you can find ways to make it visual by using interesting imagery and relevant quotes or statistics on Pinterest.

Becoming a Trusted Pinterest Resource
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