Make sure your video is something your audience will share.

Before creating your video, think about your audience and see what kinds of videos they are likely to share. Think about your “ideal” customer for your product or “ideal” client for your service. Create a story for them. Where do they live? What kind of family structure do they have? How old are they? What is their financial level? What is their educational level? What are their goals and aspirations? When you put together a composite of your ideal audience, then create the video that person would share.

Understand each platform and how it works best with videos.

You will need to tweak your video based on the platform. For example is the platform primarily mobile and wanting extremely short videos while on the run, such as Instagram or Vine? Does the platform allow a lot of comments like Facebook does, and make it super easy to share? Do you need a video that relies more on visual than auditory? Facebook generally turns off audio when auto playing videos, so if you are relying a lot on audio, you may lose out on Facebook if you do not tweak it to be more visual.

Tell a good story.

Remember that even if you are marketing a product or service, people love stories. It is hard wired into humans to respond to story telling. When you tell a good story, not only are they more likely to share the video and engage with you, but they will be more likely to buy because they have been entertained.

People share videos that evoke emotions.

This point goes along with telling a good story. When you evoke emotional responses, people are far more likely to engage with the content and to share it with others. Look at the kind of videos that tend to be shared quite frequently on social media sites, and tend to garner lots of comments. There are reasons why Maru is an internet sensation with millions of views. There is just something very appealing about a chunky cat with folded ears trying to squish himself into many boxes. People love him because he evokes emotional responses from them.

Keep it short.

You will probably spend a great deal of time, at first, editing your videos. Anything over 2 minutes is far too long for most sites, with the possible exception of YouTube, or as part of a class. Try for under a minute and even a 15 second video, if done well, can actually be extremely powerful. There are reasons why a 15 to 30 second television commercial works so well.

5 Social Video Marketing Tips
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