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How to Find Great Content for Your Social Media Posts

To successfully engage your audience on social media, you need a constant stream of great content. This is content that’s useful, valuable, and fun for your audience. One challenge businesses face is how to keep that stream flowing. Creating vs. Curating Content Businesses don’t create all their own original content on social media. In addition to creating content, they also curate content. This means finding articles, videos, and other types

How Personal Is Too Personal for Social Media?

Everyone says that you should show your personal side, even if you’re using social media for your business. Personalizing your content and interactions puts a human face on your business. This is how you build real, authentic relationships. But there are cases where you can be too personal, and you need to steer clear of these or the results could be disastrous. No “Big Talk” The type of personal content

The Importance of Video on Social Media and Why You Might Be Missing Out

How important is video in social media today? Some would say that it’s absolutely everything, and there are those who have built a successful social media marketing campaign solely around video. There are three key reasons why video has become increasingly important: It’s simply popular. Video gets more sharing and other interaction on social media than other types of content. People love videos. Videos appeal to the most hyper-active age

Are Your Social Media Efforts Working for You? Measuring with Metrics

How do you know if what you’re doing on social media is getting the results you want? The way to know for sure is to monitor your results using an analytics program. You can use the native metrics the social media platform offers, or choose an analytical tool. Clarifying Your Goals The first step is to clarify your goals in using social media. A few examples of social media goals

The Biggest Social Media Time Wasters and How to Get Rid of Them

Managing your social media so that you get results takes a great deal of time. But, there are many distractions that whittle away precious time on activities that produce zero results. Here are the biggest time wasters on social media and how you can avoid them. Long Content Long and involved content wastes your time for two reasons. First, it takes you a long time to read or watch it.

Eight Tips for Better Social Media Storytelling

Humans love stories. They love hearing them, and telling them, and being part of them. Stories have literally brought humans to civilization by passing them down from one person to the next – even before we had the ability to write them down. Stories bind us together as humans and make us different from other animals on this planet. That’s why you want to get good at telling your story

How to Write a Social Media Friendly Press Release

A social media press release is just a normal press release, but it also includes video, images, social media links and anything that helps your audience and influencers find, share, and publicize what you’re doing. What’s awesome is that according to, social media-friendly press releases are ten times more effective. To create a social media-friendly press release, follow these steps. Use the same criteria as a standard press release

How to Build Your Audience on Facebook

Building an audience on Facebook is not only fun, but it’s also essential today for a business to survive. People are more social online today than they were before social media. Now people are being social even when they’re in the bed trying to sleep. If you want to build your Facebook audience, these are the steps to take. Create a Professional Profile Start with your personal page and create

Eight Reasons Why You Should Be Using YouTube to Market Your Small Business

Starting a YouTube channel might seem like a daunting task, but if you really want to get well known and make more money it can be a boon for your business. One reason is that Google owns YouTube, which means they value traffic from YouTube more than traffic from other video hosting services. Let’s look at the other reasons. Get More Traffic When you start a YouTube channel, at first

Building Meaningful Relationships on LinkedIn

Building meaningful relationships on LinkedIn is critical to making the most of this free/inexpensive lead generation opportunity. Here are a few tried-and-tested suggestions that can help you widen your social circle and improve your chance to make sales. Make Connections, Not Sales LinkedIn works best as a relationship-building platform, not a place to be a pushy sales person. You know the sort, they send you a friend request and then


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